Belarus – Turkey 2:0 (1:0)

The first match of the second day of EuroHockey Youth Nations Championships III Boys U18, Albena 2016 between the teams of Belarus and Turkey was played at high sports technical level, with a lot of emotion on the field and in the stands and a number of situations for scoring in front of the two goals. Although equivalent match, luck smiled at twice the athletes from Belarus. At the end of the first half they scored their first goal, and immediately with the signal to end the game Belarusians scored the second goal against Turkey.

TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerScore
Belarus3110SIZHUK Anton1 – 0
Belarus703KORSIK Pavel 2 – 0


Bulgaria – Portugal 0:8 (0:4)

The second match of the second day of EuroHockey Championships III, between the teams of Bulgaria and Portugal finished at 8: 0 in favor of the Iberians. Portuguese players scored four goals in the first half and four goals in the second half. Young Bulgarian hockey player again did not have the necessary resistance against their peers from Portugal. After the second day of competition, Portugal and Bulgaria occupy third and fourth place in Championships III.

TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerScore
Portugal57CARAMALHO Afonso1 – 0
Portugal710 RIBEIRO Vasco (C)2 – 0
Portugal910RIBEIRO Vasco (C)3 – 0
Portugal117CARAMALHO Afonso4 – 0
Portugal474LIMA Diogo4 – 0
Portugal5110RIBEIRO Vasco (C)6 – 0
Portugal6110RIBEIRO Vasco (C)7 – 0
Portugal7010RIBEIRO Vasco (C)8 – 0