As the teams in Pavlovskii Posad, Russia battled to avoid relegation and earn promotion, it was a fantastic day with 4 important games.

GAME 17 – Atletico Clube de Portugal – Cambrai HC 4-2 (2-1)

The Portuguese retained their residence in the division “Trophy”, took sixth place. In the match against Cambrai HC on four goals Joao PENETRA they responded to only two by Maxence DAUCHES.

GAME 18 – HC Minsk – Olimpiia-Kolos-Sekvoya – 5-2 (1-2)

HC Minsk in the tournament did not lose a single game, but in the group stage all the games ended in a draw. In the playoffs with Cambrai HC and Olimpiia-Kolos-Sekvoya Belarusian hockey players proved their right to play in Trophy division. The first-half playoff with Ukraine ended with the score 1-2, but more than the opponent could not score. Ivan LUTSEVICH 24 ‘and 30’ brought the team forward – 3: 1. Then the curtain of Dmytro LUPPA and Aliaksandr KORSIK strengthened advantage – 5: 2. HC Minsk – in fifth place.

GAME 19 – RHC Namur – Amsterdam – 4-10 (2-6)

On 1 ‘Belgians opened the score, but then conceded just six goals. At the end of the first half RHC Namur has cut the score and started the second half of the game with a goal. Then Amsterdam again took the initiative in their hands and increased the gap to six goals. Toward the close of the rivals exchanged goals – 4-10. Four goals to Robert TIGGES bill, which became the top scorer of the competition (15). Amsterdam lossless went the entire tournament and rightly received a ticket to the top flight.

GAME 20 – Interleith HC – Dinamo-Elektrostal 2-4 (2-1)

Both teams needed a victory, as both have six points. Captain Derek SALMOND (Scotland) opened the scoring in the 3 ‘, Dmitrii AZAROV equalized a minute later, but Derek on the flag of the first half put the team ahead. In the second half, Dinamo two minutes increased the gap to two goals: successful struck two PS, and then Marat KHAIRULLIN 24 ‘had a goal from the field. By the end of the game was a lot of dangerous moments, but no one has managed to change the score. Dinamo-Elektrostal got his five points and took the second place.

Final Ranking Pool C

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
1AH&BC Amsterdam33002112915
2Dinamo Elektrostal3201119211
3Inverleith HC3102151507
4Royal HC Namur30031122-111

Final Ranking Pool D

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
1HC Minsk3210126612
2Atlético Clube de Portugal3120131129
3HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa3021811-34
4Cambrai HC301238-53

Top Scorer – Robert TIGGES (15) (NED)

Best goalkeeper – Laurens GOEDEGEBUURE (NED)

Best player – Robert TIGGES (NED)