The C Pool Relegation games opened the day here in Mulheim, with the Pool wide open overnight, RotWeiss Wettigen were safe, but the 3 other teams all had the chance to stay in the Division, or indeed be relegated depending on the results of the games today. In the medal games the hosts took Gold, Arminen Silver and Complutense Bronze after 20 pulsating games.

HC Rotweiss Wettingen v Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg

In the opening game of the day, Russia had a must win game to stay in the Championship Division. Missing the experience of Aleksandr LYKOV, due to a suspension it was up to the young guns of Ekaterinburg and they got off to a dream start in the opening minutes via VOLKOV, but after that a better organised Wettingen took control of the game, equalizing in the 15th minute and going 4-1 ahead by the break. In the second half Russian went with the powerplay, but RotWeiss who have improved all Tournament were in control of the game and the final score of 9-3 was a fair reflection of their dominance.

Final Score: HC Rotweiss Wettingen v Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg 9-3 

Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg‘210VOLKOV DmitryPenalty Corner Goal0 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’1511MESSERLI BenjaminField Goal1 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’1818STEIMER SilvanField Goal2 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’1917STEFFEN NicolasField Goal3 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’2217STEFFEN NicolasPenalty Stroke Goal4 – 1
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg’2621NIKITIN DmitriField Goal4 – 2
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’2714MORARD YvesField Goal5 – 2
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’345SCHRÖTER MaximilianPenalty Corner Goal6 – 2
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’357KELLER ManuelField Goal7 – 2
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’3612STEFFEN RaphaelField Goal8 – 2
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg’3720LEONTIEV MikhailField Goal8 – 3
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’395SCHRÖTER MaximilianiPenalty Corner Goal9 – 3


East Grinstead v Royal HC Namur

The second game of the day and it was a critical one for Namur and East Grinstead. EG got off to to a flying start as BULL converted a powerful shot in the opening seconds of the game. Namur equalised in the 5th minute. We were in for a treat in this game as both teams put everything they had into the game. EG converted a corner in the 11th minute, a clever move from injector CONDON to STOTT and back to CONDON on the baseline who scored from the narrow angle. The teams exchanged a goal apiece and EG held possession in the last minute of the first half to hold the 3-2 scoreline. Namur equalized the game in the 25th minute, a superb strike from POKORNY. KIRKHAM showed his class in the 26th minute offering a perfect pass to R.STOTT who slotted their 4th goal home. BULL scored his second of the game from a stroke, following an infringement on the line. EG pushed hard over the next 5 minutes to consolidate their lead but Namur defended well including a treble save from their keeper. In the 30th minute Namur scored again. In the 36th minute N.STOTT scored an interesting goal, the keeper beaten, he could dribble the ball over the line. 6-4. Namur opted for a power play in the last 4 minutes and were rewarded with 2 goals and a draw, but in the end only a win would have kept them in the division and EG are the team that stay with RotWeiss Wettingen in the Division.

Final Score East Grinstead v Royal HC Namur 6-6

East Grinstead‘114BULL AndyField Goal1 – 0
Royal HC Namur‘513JACOB GillesField Goal1 – 1
East Grinstead’1111CONDON DavidPenalty Corner Goal2 – 1
East Grinstead’1214BULL AndyField Goal3 – 1
Royal HC Namur’1323GARRETA GabrielField Goal3 – 2
Royal HC Namur’259POKORNY ViktorPenalty Corner Goal3 – 3
East Grinstead’2622STOTT RossField Goal4 – 3
East Grinstead’2714BULL AndyPenalty Stroke Goal5 – 3
Royal HC Namur’3013JACOB GillesField Goal5 – 4
East Grinstead’3616STOTT NiallField Goal6 – 4
Royal HC Namur’3823GARRETA GabrielField Goal6 – 5
Royal HC Namur409POKORNY ViktorField Goal6 – 6


Bronze Medal – C.H. SPV Complutense v Partille SC

A cautious start from both sides as they settled into this important medal game. t was HEMVIK who opened the scoring a singular attack down the left side getting away from his marker, the direct shot taking the keeper by surprise.  In the 15th minute In the 18th minute SÁNCHEZ and SOJO connected well, the goal coming from SOJO. Compltense earned a corner in the the 17th minute. A perfectly executed corner with a switch to SÁNCHEZ and Complutense went ahead 3-1.Complutense got off to an excellent start in the second half, scoring in the 24th minute, again SOJO was on target following a solo run down the left side and his powerful shot over the keeper extending their lead. Partille opted for a powerplay of 5 outfield players and were rewarded with a PC goal from HEMVIK and another goal in the 35th minute to reduce the margin to 5-3. Some desperate defending as Complutense went on the run earning a stroke! Which was excellently saved by keeper MOBERG, keeping the score to 5-3 with 4 minutes on the clock. Complutense pressed hard and were rewarded with a PC in the 39th minute. A good save but as the seconds ticked by, Partille took their keeper off again, the extra man providing them with more options to attack, but it was to no avail as time ran out for the 9 players from Partille, Complutense the deserving winners going one better than last year’s finish of 4th. Partille’s 4th place is the highest ever for a Swedish team.


Final Score –  Bronze Medal – C.H. SPV Complutense v Partille SC 5-3 

C.H. SPV Complutense‘54SÁNCHEZ RicardoField Goal1 – 0
Partille SC’102HEMVIK KarlField Goal1 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense’1824SOJO VictorPenalty Corner Goal2 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense’244SÁNCHEZ RicardoField Goal3 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense’2524SOJO VictorField Goal4 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense’289SANZ DEL CAMPO AntonioField Goal5 – 1
Partille SC’332HEMVIK KarlPenalty Corner Goal5 – 2
Partille SC’3511STROBY AxelField Goal5 – 3


The Final SV Arminen v Uhlenhorst Mulheim

The hosts opened the scoring courtesy of KEUSGEN his 5th of the Championships. In the 6th minute Arminen scored a perfectly executed PC, the flick by UHER roofing the net! 1-1. With the powerhouse of xxx on the pitch the hosts forced a corner in the 11th minute. Arminen, expecting the flick, chased down xxx but it was quickly switched to KEUSGEN , with the keeper beaten his powerful slap was too much for the defenders on the line. Minutes later a perfect combination down the left side saw MATANIA extend the lead to 3-1 to Uhlenhorst. A second PC in the 15th minute to Uhlenhorst was well defended by Arminen.  A quickly taken free by Uhlenhorst in the 17th minute saw Arminen slightly out of shape and BRINKMANN ponced on the chance stretching the lead to 4-1.

Both teams had chances early on, exchanging goals, and the scoreline changed to 5-2. FRÖHLICH had a  great chance for Arminen in the 28th minute but the shot found the side netting. Arminen pressed hard to break down the defenses of Uhlenhorst but that proved difficult with such a strong bench, and good tactical substitutions Mulheim. another goal

3 1/2 on the clock Arminen opted for the powerplay, losing possession would be punished severely. 5-3, in a tough milee in front of goal as everyone appeared to be involved, finally EITENBERGER somehow got it over the line. The Germans opted also to take their keeper off and the game ended  with only field players. A PC awarded in overtime had to be played in spite of the outcome! and in a very fairplay moment, the hosts barely defended and Arminen scored a ‘soft goal’.

Final Score – The Final SV Arminen v Uhlenhorst Mulheim

Uhlenhorst Mulheim‘38KEUSGEN OleField Goal0 – 1
SV Arminen‘66UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal1 – 1
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’118KEUSGEN OlePenalty Corner Goal1 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’1210MATANIA TobiasPenalty Corner Goal1 – 3
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’167BRINKMANN TomField Goal1 – 4
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’2212FÜRK BenediktField Goal1 – 5
SV Arminen’236UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal2 – 5
SV Arminen’385EITENBERGER SebastianField Goal3 – 5
SV Arminen’406UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal4 – 5

The winners Uhlenhorst Mulheim’s Captain Thilo STRALKOWSKI being presented with the European Cup by EHF President, Marijke Fleuren (FFU.NL (c))