EHF focuses closely on ensuring our sport is accessible to all groups in society. We promote veterans hockey, mixed hockey and beach hockey and we have a long term strategy for ParaHockey.

Intellectual Disability Hockey (ID) officially forms part of the  EuroHockey Championships every 2 years and we work very closely with all our member nations to try and fully develop this form of hockey. While the EHF ParaHockey Championships are the flagship event in promoting awareness of Intellectual disability hockey several other ParaHockey (ID) events are supported and promoted each year.

2016 Upcoming Events
9 – 11 September – Integration Tournament in HC Dragons, Belgium

The Euro ParaHockey Championships will take place 17 – 20 August, 2017 in Amsterdam as part of the EuroHockey Championships 2017.

Find more information and resource on how to start your own ParaHockey section, please read our  Hockey4All – Guide to ParaHockey (ID)

 Wheelchair Hockey
EHF works in partnership with ICEWH (International Electric Wheelchair Hockey Federation) and promotes this format of our sport by staging demonstration matches at our major Indoor Championships each year.

Beach Hockey
The experts at delivering Beach Hockey events are Bovelander and Bovelander. If your National Association wishes to promote and develop this format of hockey we recommend you contact them for advice.