Kit/Hockey gear

Through EHF Give and Get programme we partner donor clubs and organizations with NAs and NA clubs needing kit support. Please use our Give and Get Facebook page to ask, share, and connect with other clubs.

EHF supports the recycling of used quality carpets. If you are interested in donating a carpet or are in need of a carpet, contact us! EHF will assist you in assessing the state of the carpet and guide you through the donation process.

Some general guidelines for pitch donation/request

Donating club/Nation must contact EHF with the following specifications:
a. Location of pitch
b. Age of pitch
c. Total length and width of carpeted area
d. Type (sand dressed/water) and condition of pitch. It is not worthwhile to move sand-filled pitches as the carpet distorts when lifting.
e. Make of pitch
f. Whether the pitch has sewn in lines or painted lines. Painted lines are better as this gives greater flexibility when relaying the carpet
g. Photos showing the whole area and close ups of the worst worn areas help Nations wanting carpets to decide if they wish to take the carpet

Receiving Nation must show they are prepared to receive the carpet. This means:
a. Photos of venue where the carpet will be used
b. Proof that they are prepared to fund the transport costs of such a carpet. This can vary from between Euro 5,000 and Euro 15,000 depending on the distances involved
c. Letter from the National Hockey Federation confirming they wish to take the carpet ideally supported with a letter from the receiving city or the NOC.

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