26.07.2015, Brussels, after 40 games in sometimes 40+ degrees the curtain closed on the EuroHockey Championships II in Prague with Poland being crowned Champions.

Ukraine 4 – 3 (0 – 2) Switzerland

In cold morning we saw teams of Ukraine and Switzerland. In the first quarter it was mainly Switzerland that had opportunities to score. In the second quarter Switzerland continued in their pressure earning 2 goals. Ukraine had a good chance at the end of the first half but did not succeed to hit the goal. Ukrainians then surprised their opponents with a quick goal. To top it off they managed to add another goal shortly afterwards. The score read 2:2. With the tie it was team of Switzerland who was happier as they would not get relegated. Next period was filled with tough fight leading to Ukrainian goal. Swiss team changed tactics and sent another defender in instead of the goalie and was trying to push forward but imprecise pass at the back cost them another goal in their net. Swiss only managed to score 10 seconds before full time leaving the final score 4:3 for Ukraine.




TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Switzerland2328WULLSCHLEGER FabianPenalty Corner Goal0 – 1
Switzerland2729BRÖNNIMANN EliasField Goal0 – 2
Ukraine4218SERDIUK AntonField Goal1 – 2
Ukraine442KALINCHUK VitaliiField Goal2 – 2
Ukraine663PAZIUK ViacheslavPenalty Stroke Goal3 – 2
Ukraine6818SERDIUK AntonField Goal4 – 2
Switzerland709MESSERLI BenjaminField Goal4 – 3


Azerbaijan v Croatia  3 – 4 (2 – 1)

Second match of the day saw an uneven battle between Azerbaijan and Croatia. Azerbaijan had from the very beginning more ball possession and higher pace. Croatia did not really get upfront into the opponent’s circle. Azerbaijan managed to score with a beautiful short corner flick. They added another goal shortly afterwards. Right before the end of the first part Croatia found the net after a one off chance. In the second part the game leveled and Croatia came in strong. They managed to equalize the game to 2:2. Azerbaijan then answered with a good goal to 3:2 but Croatia again managed to find the net making it 3:3. In the very end Croatians pushed hard and scored a winning in the very last minute.



TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Azerbaijan519GHAZANFAR AliPenalty Corner Goal1 – 0
Azerbaijan3319GHAZANFAR AliPenalty Corner Goal2 – 0
Croatia3415CEFKO DomagojField Goal2 – 1
Croatia4222VUK ZvonimirField Goal2 – 2
Azerbaijan497AZIZ TarigField Goal3 – 2
Croatia652BACHMANN Lucas MaximilianField Goal3 – 3
Croatia7015CEFKO DomagojField Goal3 – 4

Scotland v Czech Republic (3rd/4th place) 5 – 1 (3 – 1)

The 3rd/4th playoff was dominated by Scotland. Kenny Bain opened the scoring in the 15th minute, a darting run and clean finish. It was followed in the 20th minute by Alan Forstyth, taking delivery of a well time pass from Bain. Czech were pressing hard and holding better possession and were awarded a PC in the 24th minute, follwoing a melee in front of goal a stroke was awarded and Lukas Plochy converted. Czech had a better 10 minutes and looked dangerous with runs from Martin CAPOUCH and Daniel PITERÁK, but Bain struck again just before the half to stretch Scotland’s lead to 3-1, a reverse strike into the bottom right.

Early in the second half Scotland lost their number 10 Gordon McIntyre to injury. But that didn’t stop their dominance. They pressed hard to extend their scoreline. Bain added a third just after the break and in spite of a number of missed chances they only added one more to their tally via Murray Collins in the 67th minute.

Scotland finish 3rd, but are disappointed not to have been promoted to the Championship Division.

TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Scotland1513BAIN KennyField Goal1 – 0
Scotland207FORSYTH AlanField Goal2 – 0
Czech Republic2517PLOCHY LukasPenalty Stroke Goal2 – 1
Scotland3313BAIN KennyField Goal3 – 1
Scotland3713BAIN KennyPenalty Corner Goal4 – 1
Scotland6719COLLINS MurrayField Goal5 – 1

Austria v Poland 1-3 (0-0) – The Final 

In the Final game of the EuroHockey Championships II, Poland v Austria, the teams were very evenly matched and this was reflected in the half time scoreline. Poland had the better chances but failed to convert. Early in the second half Maciej WEJEROWSKI converted with a fantastic shot after the keeper was beaten. Karol MAJCHRZAK scored twice to push Poland’s lead to 0-3 the second, he got on the end of a fabulous pass from Captain, Pawel BRATKOWSKI, his immense pass powering through the Austrian defense. Dominic UHER did claw one back via a well struck drag flick, but it wasn’t enough to threaten the win of Poland.



TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Poland3828WEJEROWSKI MaciejField Goal0 – 1
Poland4322MAJCHRZAK KarolField Goal0 – 2
Poland6622MAJCHRZAK KarolField Goal0 – 3
Austria6724UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal1 – 3

Best player: Kenny Bain, Scotland

Top Scorer: Alan Forsyth, Scotland

Best Goalkeeper: Michael MÄNTLER, Austria

Final Ranking
1. Poland (promoted to Championship in 2017)
2. Austria (promoted to Championship in 2017)
3. Scotland
4. Czech Republic
5. Azerbaijan
6. Ukraine
7. Switzerland (relegated to Championship III in 2017)
8. Croatia (relegated to Championship III in 2017)