25.07.2015, Brussels; The final day of the Women’s event here in Prague and 4 very important games for rankings and also to avoid being relegated to the Championships III.

France 0 – Austria 3 

Both teams started the match with a good pace, and the sides were even until Austria slowly picked up more ball possession. Right before end of first half the Austrian ladies scored via their captain 0:1. At the beginning of second half France picked up the pace and came back strongly. But the Austrian ladies were having none of this and increased the score by another goal to 0:2. Shortly afterwards Austrians managed to add another one leaving the final score at 0:3.



TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Austria3110ZERBS CorinnaField Goal0 – 1
Austria4523KEIL SophieField Goal0 – 2
Austria6415STÖCKL ViktoriaField Goal0 – 3

Wales 2-0 Ukraine

It was the team of Wales that had slightly more of the game at the start. Ukrainians could not find a way on how to get in the Welsh circle at all. They only had 1 short corner but failed to score. Wales on the other side managed to find the net with a clever deflection. Second half of the match belonged to the team of Wales that scored another goal making it 2:0. This victory helped the team of Austria that secured their place in Championship II. Ukraine unfortunately gets relegated by one level.


TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Wales108JONES SarahPenalty Corner Goal1 – 0
Wales608JONES SarahField Goal2 – 0

Azerbaijan 2 Belarus 4 

In today’s third match we saw clash between teams of Belarus and Azerbaijan. Belarus managed to find the net as the first one opening the score to 0:1. In the 20th minute Azerbaijan scored through a penalty corner with a good drag flick into the top-left corner. 11 minutes before the half-time Belarus added a goal from the game. After the break both teams stayed well in the game, fighting hard for each ball however it was again the team of Belarus that managed to score another goal for 1:3. Quickly after that ladies from Azerbaijan succeeded through a short corner. Belorussians did not step back but pushed hard to achieve their last goal making the final score 2:4 for them.


TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Belarus916PAPKOVA KrestinaField Goal0 – 1
Azerbaijan209ALIYEVA KhatiraPenalty Corner Goal1 – 1
Belarus2416PAPKOVA KrestinaField Goal1 – 2
Belarus448LUPACH HannaPenalty Corner Goal1 – 3
Azerbaijan589ALIYEVA KhatiraPenalty Corner Goal2 – 3
Belarus6612BAHUSHEVICH SviatlanaPenalty Corner Goal2 – 4

Czech Republic 0 Ireland 5

Ireland were the strongest team in the final and stamped their authority on the game from the start. The Czech players were on ‘flat battery’ as their coach Chris Fuast. However they defended well and after conceding an early goal in the 8th minute, Best player of the Tournament Megan Fraser was second on the Irish score sheet just before half time. Ireland stormed ahead in the second half and were ‘delighted with the win and their performance showing them as the best team in the Tournament’ as coach Graham Shaw said.


FG – Field Goal, PC – Penalty Corner, PS – Penalty Stroke
TeamMinuteShirt #PlayerActionScore
Ireland89MULLAN KathrynPenalty Corner Goal0 – 1
Ireland3211FRAZER MeganPenalty Stroke Goal0 – 2
Ireland387BROWN ChloeField Goal0 – 3
Ireland4313CARROLL NaomiField Goal0 – 4
Ireland5432BEATTY EmilyField Goal0 – 5


Best player: Megan FRASER, Ireland

Best Goalkeeper: Barbora CECHAKOVA, Czech Republic

Top Scorer: Krestina PAPKOVA, Belaurs

Final Ranking:
1 Ireland Promoted to EuroHockey Championships 2017
2 Czech Republic Promoted to EuroHockey Championships 2017
3 Belarus
4 Azerbaijan
5 Wales
6 France
7 Austria
8 Ukraine Relegated to EuroHockey Championship III 2017