As expected the hosts Uhlenhorst made it to the semi-final on full points. Complutense joined them from Pool A. Pool B was all to play for and in a stunning turn of events Partille SC from Sweden with 7 players and 2 keepers played the game of their lives and into the semi-final. Arminen had earlier qualified with a strong performance against a young Russian side from Ekaterinburg.

 Uhlenhorst v RotWeiss Wettingen

The opening game of the day was between the Pool A leaders Uhlenhorst and RotWeiss Wettingen who, if they beat the hosts would make the semi-final! After a slow start the game certainly livened up before the half as RWW equalised just before half time, but HTC sneaked a goal in to go ahead again 3-2 the half time score. HTC had a couple of early corners in the second half but the shots went wide. In the 28th minute RWW earned a PC the resulting shot hit the outside of the post and wide. In the final 10 minutes of the game, the hosts upped a gear and a classic goal STRALKOWSKI  pushed them ahead 5-2. The Swiss opted for the final 3 minute power play but unfortunately when you lose possession against this quality home side you leak goals. The final score was 7-2.

Final Score: Uhlenhorst v RotWeiss Wettingen 7-2

HC Rotweiss Wettingen‘718STEIMER SilvanField Goal0 – 1
Uhlenhorst Mulheim‘96WINDFEDER LukasField Goal1 – 1
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’1716FLECKHAUS JanField Goal2 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen’1817STEFFEN NicolasPenalty Stroke Goal2 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’198KEUSGEN OlePenalty Corner Goal3 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’2912FÜRK BenediktField Goal4 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’3611STRALKOWSKI ThiloField Goal5 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’4010MATANIA TobiasField Goal6 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim’4010MATANIA TobiasField Goal7 – 2

East Grinstead v C.H. SPV Complutense

EG knew that nothing short of a 4 goal clear win v Complutense would be enough to make the semi-final of the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup. A pretty big mountain to climb, made more difficult by conceding two early goals SÁNCHEZ on target in the second minute, followed quickly by SOJO in the 3rd minute. Working hard as a team EG clawed their way back into the game winning 3, corners in the first half and scoring from one. The equalised the game in the 20th minute via BULL from open play. 2-2 at the half and Complutense were 20 minutes from claiming the second semi-final place. It took 5 minutes into the second half for a powering run down the left side of the court and a goal from CONDON to to EG ahead for the first time in the game. A game of cat and mouse ensued as neother team really had any chances. In a effort to get the the 3 goals required, EG went with a power play of 5 in the last 2 minutes, but to no avail. EG will play in the Pool C Relegation Pool. We spoke to Complutense Head Coach  José BRASA SANJURJO  who was pleased with the performance, but now the concentration was on who they play in the semi-final. 

Final Score: East Grinstead v C.H. SPV Complutense 4-2

C.H. SPV Complutense‘24SÁNCHEZ RicardoField Goal0 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense‘324SOJO VictorField Goal0 – 2
East Grinstead‘815FAULKNER SimonPenalty Corner Goal1 – 2
East Grinstead’2014BULL AndyField Goal2 – 2
East Grinstead’2511CONDON DavidField Goal3 – 2
East Grinstead’401POTTON RichardField Goal4 – 2

Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg v SV Arminen

Pool B was very tight overnight so there was a lot at stake in this game! Dinamo went ahead via a PC in the 3rd minute. But UHER for Arminen was on fire and scored a hat-trick in the 5th, 13th and 16th minute to take the score to 3-1 for the Austrians. Another goal for Arminen in the 18th minute and the Russians were really on the back foot. However a goal from PC specialist LYKOV meant the half time score was 2-4. In an unusual move from the Russians, having subbed their keeper twice in the first half they had to play with 5 outfield players in the second half, despite some brave defending, Arminen controlled the game and the 3-7 final scoreline meant that the Austrians take their place in the semi-final with full 15 points from the Pool. The Russians must await their fate as it depended on the outcome of the final Pool B game. Head coach José BRASA SANJURJO was pleased with the performance, but now the concentration was on who they play in the semi-final. 

Final Score: Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg v SV Arminen 3-7 

Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg‘317FATTAKHOV LinarPenalty Corner Goal1 – 0
SV Arminen‘56UHER DominicField Goal1 – 1
SV Arminen’136UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal1 – 2
SV Arminen’166UHER DominicField Goal1 – 3
SV Arminen’188BELE AlexanderField Goal1 – 4
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg’198LYKOV AleksandrPenalty Corner Goal2 – 4
SV Arminen’235EITENBERGER SebastianField Goal2 – 5
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg’288LYKOV AleksandrField Goal3 – 5
SV Arminen’3016MINAR MichaelField Goal3 – 6
SV Arminen’326UHER DominicPenalty Corner Goal3 – 7

Partille SC v Royal HC Namur

The statisticians were out in force, wondering what would happen if…… Anyway it was clear that to make the semi-final then Namur must win by 2 goals, likewise a win for Partille would put them through. As expected Partille would be putting everything into this last Pool game and HEMVIK put Partille ahead with 2 quick goals in the opening minutes and Namur looked a little rattled. Captain JACOB got on the scoresheet and it was 2-1, but Partille scored again.

The second half opened Some lovely running from Namur’s GARRETA and a looped shot which ultimately went over the crossbar in the 28th minute nearly produced the equalizer. A man down in the 30th minute, Partille worked the ball up the court, ultimately forcing a PC. With the  imposing figure of HEMVIK  on strike, without hesitation he flicked and scored his hat trick. A minute later Partille forced another corner as the ball bounced high off the Namur pads. 5-2 to Partille and the Namur fans shouted to will their players on in the last 6 minutes of the game. A yellow card was awarded to Namur, lots of passion in the last few minutes, with the Swedes attempting to slow the pace down. Namur went with a power play but to no avail as HEMVI was in cracking form, even scoring from a switched corner in the 35th minute. Namur did score in the 40th minute but Partille storm into the semi-final.

We spoke to the Partille manager, Javed Khan ‘It was our best game of the Tournament, more than I had expected. A disciplined performance from each player. We are now looking forward to playing Uhlenhorst this afternoon, but if we can play like this, why not!’

Final Score: Partille SC v Royal HC Namur 6-3 (3-1)

Partille SC‘32HEMVIK KarlField Goal1 – 0
Partille SC‘52HEMVIK KarlField Goal2 – 0
Royal HC Namur’1213JACOB GillesField Goal2 – 1
Partille SC’133RYDBORN JamesField Goal3 – 1
Royal HC Namur’2223GARRETA GabrielPenalty Stroke Goal3 – 2
Partille SC’312HEMVIK KarlPenalty Corner Goal4 – 2
Partille SC’332HEMVIK KarlPenalty Corner Goal5 – 2
Partille SC’352HEMVIK KarlPenalty Corner Goal6 – 2
Royal HC Namur’4013JACOB GillesPenalty Corner Goal6 – 3


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Photograph: Simon MELANDER, Partille (FFU.NL (c))