EHF Supporting National Growth (SNG) was launched in 2013 and is the base of our 3 tier programme. Targeted mainly at coaches or coach educators from our small developing nations.

SNG focuses on supporting
– EHF Regional Seminars and Workshops where 3 or more nations send coaches and/or coach educators to a central venue
– EHF Level 1 Seminars where 3 or more nations send coaches to a central venue to be assessed for EHF Level 1 Accreditation.

EHF Coaching educators also use the SNG seminars to identify talented coaches to join the C4E programme.

National Associations are invited in October of each year to apply for EHF SNG support.

From 2015, all EHF Level 1 Seminars have incorporated the FIH Academy Level 1 Award as part of its program.

Should you wish to receive SNG Coach Development support, please contact