UDP has been a successful pioneering initiative which has been running in Europe for over ten years.

The UDP targets talented young umpires within Europe and provides a programme of events running over a three year period. The programme is planned by two Mentors who provide personal tuition and guidance throughout the 3 years and organise seminars, events and practical weekends.

To be eligible for selection, umpires must attend and participate fully in the U4E Practical Weekend in Breda, The Netherlands, normally every year at the end of August.

Umpires must pass the Fitness Test to the required FIH standard. The failure to pass the age/level requirement of the Beep test will result in NO consideration for UDP.

The successful nominees will be invited to participate in the Programme, subject to confirmation of financial support from their National Association.

The programme for each group will be developed on an annual basis by the Group mentors taking advantage of tournament opportunities within each year e.g. World League, Euro Hockey League, EuroHockey Championships etc. A typical year may include tournament seminar, launch of new group in April, two tournament events, practical weekend, graduation (October), 1-1 mentor visit and coaching.

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