In 2013, EHF unveiled a new Umpiring Strategy, which included the launch of the Umpires 4 Europe Programme (U4E). This proved to be both highly popular and successful, and we received 43 applications from 16 different nations. We were only able to accept 20 umpires on to the programme in its first year, but we are now happy to announce that the programme will be expanded to 30 umpires in 2014.

Applications asking National Associations (NA) to nominate their promising young umpires to EHF U4E are sent out each February.

An umpire can only enter U4E if he/she has been nominated via their National Association. 


• Those umpires who participated in 2013 so they can derive the full benefit of the programme.

• Umpires nominated for the UDP but not selected,

• Promising umpires from your country

• Continuing professional development for appropriate UDP graduates

What does membership of U4E offer?

i) Practical Weekend

U4E will run a practical weekend each year for all umpires. In 2014, this will be held at Breda in The Netherlands and will run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th August. All umpires will need to arrange their travel to arrive by 17.00, and must stay until the tournament venue up to 18.00 on Sunday. The programme will cover all the costs (accommodation, meals, transport etc.) excluding only flights or travel to the venue city. EHF will also pay for any additional hotel nights caused by flight schedules. The weekends will include presentations from respected umpires and UMs, and practical elements where umpires umpire a match or part of a match, and one-to-one coaching with mentors. Each umpire will also receive a personal video of their umpiring.

ii) Webinars

U4E will present two webinars per year to which members will be invited, delivered by high quality presenters – the first was led by Marcin Grochal of Poland and was a huge success. Webinars are a cutting edge on line service that EHF has developed, allowing umpires to attend and participate in a seminar from the comfort of their own home.


Six mentoring co-ordinators will be appointed (overseeing five umpires each). Mentors will speak to each umpire about how they can best develop their skills and umpiring career and will provide a PDP template (Personal Development Plan) for each.

iv) Exchange Programme

U4E will seek to organise exchange weekends enabling members to umpire in tournaments and League matches in other countries at the appropriate level. These are done in conjunction with each mentor and are therefore flexible with regard to dates.
v) Talent Spotting

U4E will liaise with the EHF Appointments Committee and highlight promising umpires for EHF appointments.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must:

• Be nominated by their National Association

• Have a good level of English

• Be between 18-35 years old

• Be active National or International Umpire

• Commit to the programme fully

• Commit to sharing his/her knowledge gained with your national umpires

For more information on nominating an umpire for the U4E programme, please contact our Education and Development Manager, Norman Hughes (


U4E Breda 2013