Trophy, Minsk – Day 4

UHC Hamburg were crowned the winners of the 2015 EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy today in Minsk, Belarus.

The Hamburg girls easily defeated the Belgian Royal Wellington, who could not stop the barrage of goals. UHC Hamburg (1A) v Royal Wellington THC (1B) 10-1 (6-0)

In the bronze medal match, host HC Minsk defeated the Azari Atasport. Captain Rita Batura scored 2 of the 4 Belarusian goals. HC Minsk (2A) v Atasport (2B) 4-1 (3-0)

2015 Trophy women minsk

Metrostroy easily defeated Pembroke Wanderers, but it was unfortunately not enough, as both teams are relegated to the Challenge I in 2016. HC Metrostroy (4A) v Pembroke Wanderers (4B) 5:1 (1:0)

Spanish club, Real Sociedad  was stronger than MSC Sumchanka and walked away with a victory and secured 5th place in the competition. Real Sociedad de Futbol SAD (3A) v MSC Sumchanka (3B) 3-1 (2-0)

Final Ranking

1 UHC Hamburg (GER) EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy Winners 2016
2 Royal Wellington THC (BEL)
3 HC Minsk (BLR)
4 Atasport (AZE)
5 Real Sociedad de Futbal SAD (ESP)
6 MSC Sumchanka (UKR)
7 HC Metrostroy (RUS) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge I 2016
8 Pembroke Wanderers (IRL) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge I 2016


Challenge I, Vienna – Day 3

Slavia Praha got their first win of the tournament in their third pool match. After a scoreless first half, Slavia went ahead with a PC.  Catania were awarded a stroke soon after, but the Prague keeper made a brillian t save and kept her team steady. A last minute PC got Slavia the coveted 5 points. SK Slavia Praha v HC Universitario Catania ASD 2-1 (0-0)

Challenge I vienna women 2015

Ritm-Azot dominated the host, SV Arminen, scoring 5 goals in the first half. Although Arminen stepped up their efforts in the second half, it proved to be too little too late against the brilliant Belarusian side. HC Ritm-Azot Grodno v SV Arminen 7-3 (5-1)

Swansea produced a terrific performance and overpowered the Belgian girls, securing a place in the promotion pool on Monday.  KHC Dragons v Swansea City HC 2-5 (0-2)

Amsicora pushed ahead and secured a win from Clydesdale, in a tight game.  Clydesdale Western v S.G. Amsicora ASD 1-2 (0-2)

The pool standings going into tomorrow’s final day:

Team – Pool APlWDLGDPts
 S.G. Amsicora ASD3201-110
 Swansea City HC311118
 Clydesdale Western311108
 KHC Dragons310206
Team – Pool BPlWDLGDPts
 HC Ritm-Azot Grodno33001015
 HC UniversitarioCatania A.S.D.3102-27
 SV Arminen3102-36
 SK Slavia Praha3102-56

Challenge II, Mérignac – Day 3

Lille got the lead early on in the game, and did not lose sight of the target. Wettingen made a good effort at counterattacking, but it was not enough. Lille MHC v HC Rotweiss Wettingen 3-0 (2-0)

2015 Challenge II Merignac women

Second match of the day was SAM against Olten.  SAM opened the scoring and Olten replied just before half time. Second half was very tense with both teams attempting to make the breakthrough. Finally, with a penalty corner on the buzzer,  SAM delighted the home crowd by scoring the winning goal. Sport Athletique Merignacais v HC Olten 2-1  (1-1)

2015 women Challenge II Merignac

Gintra Strekte Uni came up strong from the starting whistle, but the Turkish team defended well and  it was the who opened the score. It wasn’t until 4  minutes from the end that Gintra managed to break Highway’s defence to equalise, then a second time at the last second of the match to score the winning goal.Highway Hockey HC v Gintra Strekte Uni HC 1-2 (1-0)

The pool standings going into tomorrow’s final day:

Team – Pool APlWDLGDPts
 Grove Menzieshill HC2200910
 Gintra Strekte Uni HC210106
 Highway Hockey HC2002-91
Team – Pool BPlWDLGDPts
 Lille MHC33001115
 HC Rotweiss Wettingen3201210
 Sport Athletique
 HC Olten3003-101


Challenge III, Prague – Day 3

No stopping Tauras in this match, with Kristina Poskute scoring 5 of the 13 goals. HFTC-Tauras v HC Imittos 13:0 (5:0)

2015 Challenge III Prague women

Kecioren dominated in the first half, securing a 3 goal lead. Eagles came back from the break ready to fight and they managed to get close, scoring 2 goals of their own, before Kecioren scored once again, winning the 5 point. Eagles HC v Kecioren Baglum 2-4 (0-3)

Post played well and secured a victory from Newport Gwent. Post SV v Newport Gwent LHC 3-1 (2-1)

2015 Challenge III Prague women

Host HC 1946 Praga  delighted the home crowd with their performace, scoring twice in each half, and comfortably walking away with the win. HC 1946 Praga v Nacka LHK 4-0 (2-0)

The pool standings going into tomorrow’s final day:

Team – Pool APlWDLGDPts
 HC 1946 Praga3300715
 Post SV3201911
 Newport Gwent LHC310207
 Nacka LHK3003-160
Team – Pool BPlWDLGDPts
 Kecioren Baglum SK33001515
 Eagles HC3201411
 HC Imittos3003-300


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