Day 1 Roundup – EuroHockey Indoor Championship III, Santander


A cloudy, cold day outside the venue of EHIC2020. Inside, the atmosphere has been warm and as Wales as Irland have helped to increase the temperature in the EHIC2020 first match. This match has been intense, with beautiful actions and where Wales was in advance on two occasions but Irland got the final draw at the end of the game.

The second match was totally different and Spain beat Slovenia by 0-9. A match where Spain was clearly superior and they could get more goals but the good actions of the Slovenian goalkeeper didn’t allow it.

In the afternoon session, a hurricane called Scotland has passed through Santander and has defeated Irland by a clear 11-3. The Scottish team has developed a brilliant, fast and really effective game. In front of them, the Irish team hasn’t been able to defend his goal and they have been able to do little in attack.

Eventually, the last match was an exhibition of the Spanish boys against Wales. The final result was the same than in the morning match against Slovenia, 0-9.

To sum up, as Spain as Scotland have shown a higher level of play, which they will have to demonstrate in the second day to reach the final.

Full game results here

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