Day 2 Round-Up – EuroHockey Indoor Championship II, Ivan Sveti Zelina

Posted On 26/01/2020

To start the day, Turkey was taking on Russia. In the beginning, Turkey fought well and managed to grab a goal, but after the first quarter, it was all Russia. All of the attempts from the Turkish team seemed to be matched perfectly by Russian defence.

The second match of the day featured Wales against Lithuania. Wales didn’t start their campaign as they would have liked and were eager to go prove a point against Lithuania, but Lithuanian team is flying high. Lithuania started fast and strong, shocking Wales with three goals in the first quarter. Wales managed to pick themselves up, but as they couldn’t convert their chances in the opponents half, Lithuania did. A goal per the next three quarters was more than enough for Lithuania.

Poland against Scotland, what a match. Turkey managed to surprise Poland on the first day, while the second day was reserved for Scotland. Right from the gates, Scottish girls proved they deserve to be mentioned when talking about promotion places. With just one goal in the first half scored by Scotland, the stage was set for a blast of the second half. And it was just that. Goal a piece in the third saw Poland still trailing the one goal going into the last quarter. Poland decided to, once again, go all-in by pulling out their goalie for a sixth player and once again it was just shy of working out.

On the first day, the home team Croatia showed that their young core has a lot of potential. A narrow loss against Scotland and more than a fair fight against Russia, but still, a win eluded them. They got their chance against Turkey, but it was Turkey that managed to grow their potential into a result with a perfect presentation of great and calm defence and some quick, precise attacks.

When the match between Lithuania and Russia started, it seemed like it was going to be another Russian dominance, but Lithuania had other plans. Ten goals in the first half, with four of them coming from Lithuania. It was a spectacle, it seemed like there was a goal per minute. But, in the end, Russia kicked it up a notch in the third quarter and gained full control over the match.

Scotland against Wales proved to be a pleasant surprise of today. Scotland scored two quick goals and for a second, it seemed like they were going to just blow Wales away. But just for a second. Wales managed to get a few great defensive plays which led to their first goal of the tournament and that got their blood pumping. They were going toe to toe with Scotland, through the entire game, but they fell short.

To close out day two, Poland took on Croatia. Croatia really learned something in their last loss, as they planed out a great defence, but the offence was lacking. Just one goal at the half and two more in the second proved what was on the line. A missed penalty for each side is also a great teller of how much of a high-pressure situation is a match of this level

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