#EachforEqual – A look behind the lens


As part of our celebration of IWD2020, we are today going behind the scenes to talk to one of our streamers, Lucy Newman who works with Galvanised Media who deliver many hours of the EHTV streaming. To date, in just over 2 years we have (in conjunction with many clubs and nations) delivered over 2,000 pieces of content on EuroHockeytv, but this doesn’t just happen! So let’s get to know Lucy who helps deliver this streaming content.

EHF: Lucy, you are part of our small streaming team – do you want to give us a short summary of the ‘day in a life’ of someone involved in streaming

Lucy: As with everything preparation is key. It’s all about setting up and testing in good time, going to the venue/location and finding out the key things. Good internet, speed and stability, power, table and chairs, where you’ll position the cameras – these are some of the crucial elements that you need to check beforehand and then recce and test when all is calm, then test again! Make sure that everyone on the team knows exactly what they should be doing and at what time. When it’s time for “action” – the key is to stay calm under pressure and enjoy the process of live editing, keep in contact with the team and deal with everything that happens. When filming finishes, pack up and go for a beer!

EHF: This week (especially on 8th March) we celebrate International Women’s Day – you work in what is perceived as a ‘male-dominated’ industry – we even tend to say cameraman – what led you into the industry?

Lucy: I always wanted to work in tv and film. I liked the idea of being able to create something that would both entertain and inform the masses. There have been challenges in my 18-year career (scary thought) but I am sure that there have been times when it has been an asset to be female when working in such a male-dominated industry too and on the whole, I have not felt that my gender has held me back in any way. At least in this industry people can see your work and that should speak for itself, rather than your gender.

EHF: Given the huge cost of TV production, live streaming is a more prevalent means of many sports getting their sport highlighted, what are the special challenges for streaming as opposed to TV?

Lucy: The main challenge of streaming, as opposed to broadcast is the internet speed. Streaming is completely dependent on the upload speed. We require 12mbps upload speed to ensure a decent delivery for EHTV.

EHF: Finally Lucy, what would you say to women who might be thinking of a career in film production?

Lucy: Work hard, be bold, be confident and learn your craft so that your gender becomes insignificant!

Thanks to Lucy for taking the time to talk to use as part of our series of interviews for #IWD2020. You can see Lucy’s recent work from the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup, The Hague on www.eurohockeytv.org

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