Peak Performance with ‘Alyson Annan’

Posted On 22/04/2020

For this unique chance to ask Alyson Annan about what drove her as a player and now as a coach to continually reach peak performances. Alyson will share her unique views on leadership, management, coaching, and how she deals with the intense pressure and scrutiny whilst also delivering continually on the international stage.

With multiple international honours as a player and a coach over the last 30 years, Alyson Annan holds many illustrious achievements. Including two (2) Gold Medals at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games. Having made 228 International appearances scoring 166 goals for Australia. Twice being named world player of the year. And securing two (2) world cup gold medals as well.

Since her playing days Alyson has continued to reach peak performances, firstly as the Head Coach of the AB&HC Men’s team before being appointed as the Head Coach of the Women’s National team for the Netherlands. Securing two gold medals at the European Championships (2017 & 2019) and a silver medal in the 2016 Olympic Games.

In 2013 Alyson was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame and was a finalist in the World Sportswoman of the Year in 1998. Alyson has recently and proudly become a Dutch Citizen. She has had a significant impact on all teammates, players and support staff wherever she has played and coached.

Find out what drives Alyson with her mind set on Olympic glory for Tokyo in 2021!

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