RELIVE – 2017 Rabo EuroHockey Championship


Following on the success of the RELIVE series of the 2019 Belfius EuroHockey Championship, we are delighted to announce that in partnership with our partner Scorrd we are going RELIVE with the 2017 Rabo EuroHockey Championship, Women and Men.

From tonight at midnight we will have have all games RELIVE on a loop on

The schedule for the RELIVE games is as follows:

9th May 2020Belgium v AustriaPool A
9th May 2020Netherlands – SpainPool A
9th May 2020England – PolandPool B
10th May 2020Netherlands – SpainPool AW
10th May 2020Germany – ScotlandPool BW
10th May 2020Belgium – Czech RepublicPool AW
11th May 2020Germany – IrelandPool B
11th May 2020Spain – AustriaPool A, Pool C
11th May 2020Ireland – PolandPool B, Pool C
12th May 2020England – IrelandPool BW
12th May 2020Spain – Czech RepublicPool A, Pool CW
12th May 2020Ireland – ScotlandPool B, Pool CW
13th May 2020England – GermanyPool B
13th May 2020Belgium – NetherlandsPool A
13th May 2020Germany – PolandPool B
14th May 2020Germany – EnglandPool BW
14th May 2020Belgium – NetherlandsPool AW
14th May 2020England – ScotlandPool BW
15th May 2020Ireland – EnglandPool B
15th May 2020Spain – BelgiumPool A
15th May 2020Netherlands – AustriaPool A
16th May 2020Ireland – GermanyPool BW
16th May 2020Spain – BelgiumPool AW
16th May 2020Netherlands – Czech RepublicPool AW
17th May 2020Austria – PolandPool C
17th May 2020Spain – IrelandPool C
17th May 2020Spain – PolandPool C
17th May 2020Ireland – AustriaPool C
18th May 2020Czech Republic – IrelandPool CW
18th May 2020Spain – ScotlandPool CW
18th May 2020Spain – IrelandPool CW
18th May 2020Scotland – Czech RepublicPool CW
19th May 2020Germany – BelgiumSemi Final 1
19th May 2020Netherlands – EnglandSemi Final 2
20th May 2020Germany – BelgiumSemi Final 1W
20th May 2020Netherlands – EnglandSemi Final 2W
21st May 2020Germany – England3rd/4th place
21st May 2020Belgium – NetherlandsFinal
22nd May 2020Germany – England 3rd/4th placeW
22nd May 2020Belgium – NetherlandsFinalW

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