RELIVE 2018 EuroHockey U18 Championships (Boys and Girls)

Posted On 09/07/2020

We were so excited as this week we should have been in Kazan with our EuroHockey U18 Championships (boys and girls) but due to the Coronavirus, it and the other divisions are postponed to 2021

Fear not though as thanks to our partner DAKA we are able to bring the following games from the 2018 EuroHockey U18 Championships RELIVE on 

Games will be on a 24hr loop on the following days: 

2018 EuroHockey U18 Championships (Boys and Girls)
DetailsDate for RELIVE
England v Poland (b) 10th July
Ireland v France (b) 10th July
Spain v Poland (b) 10th July
Germany v Ireland (g) 11th July
England v Belarus (g) 11th July
Netherlands v Spain (g) 11th July
Netherlands v France (b) 12th July 
Ireland v Belgium (b) 12th July 
Spain v England (b) 12th July 
Ireland v Belarus (g) 13th July
England v Germany (g) 13th July
Belgium v Netherlands (g) 13th July
Spain v France (g) 14th July 
Spain v Belgium (g) 14th July 
Belgium v Spain (b) 15th July 
Germany v Netherlands (b) 15th July 
Germany v Belgium (g) 16th July 
Netherlands v England (g) 16th July 
Belgium v Germany (b) 17th July 
Spain v Netherlands (b) Final 17th July 
Germany v England (g) 18th July
Belgium v Netherlands (g) Final 18th July

We hope you enjoy this showcase of U18 EuroHockey and we look forward to 2021. 

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