#MondayMotivation – European Institute for Hockey (EIH) is launched.

Posted On 22/02/2021

Marijke Fleuren, President of the European Hockey Federation said: “From the start of my tenure in 2011, one of EHF’s goals, especially driven by Jorge Alcover (past Vice president and Member of Honour of the EHF) was to strengthen our connections, knowledge and mutual trust with the EU and its Agencies,

to ensure that the EHF would be well placed to start working together with the EU so that we could consolidate and grow our development and educations programmes”.

Marijke and Jorge’s goals have been realized. Since 2018 the European Hockey Federation whose Headquarters are in Brussels has been involved in several European Union projects. Encouraging, promoting and developing support for the national growth of all member federations of the European Hockey Family.

This has included working alongside the hockey governing bodies of the Czech Republic and Ukraine twinned with the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) implementing good governance strategy and policy from their Dutch counterparts.

Furthermore, we are partnered with SWinG (Supporting Women in Achieving their Goals) where 10 partner organisations in a pan European multi-sport project have set up a dedicated mentor and mentee programme connecting top businesswomen (mentors) with women aspiring for leadership positions in sport (mentees).

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Let’s Press Play Again:

Good news beckoned in late October 2020 with the announcement of the EACEA to the EHF of a grant approval of €397k. This would support the development and education frameworks for the European hockey network of members nations of the EHF. To maximize understanding, implementation and application.

In a nutshell, the EHF’s latest successful funding application will develop a world-class educational framework, under the banner of the EIH (European Institute for Hockey). More sharing of knowledge, through teaching, mentoring & facilitating the ideal programmes and environments for the correct audience.

EHF Education (Current View):

The EHF currently has globally recognised programmes that are delivered under our own remits. The EHF is already viewed as the continental hockey federation leaders for our programme delivery. The aim is to review these programmes as signal entities and grow a framework around this to allow structural and sustainable growth across all our member federations.

Strong Partnerships:

The EHF will build upon and enhance the current good practice structures in place. Developing the EIH with four strategic pillars (listed below) that allow national growth across the network of Member Associations in Europe.

The selection of partners for this project was of the utmost importance to the EHF. With a range of hockey federations of different sizes, with different resources from different regions of Europe – allowing for a wide range of perspectives to be shared.

It was critical to find partners such as the Orange Sport Forum who could link Sport and Business together strategically, which is especially important for the output around dual career development for athletes.

Strategic Pillars:

The project will build on and enhance the good practice structures by developing the EIH with four strategic pillars that facilitate sustainable, high-quality national growth across member federations in Europe. The project will enhance Governance through leadership and management. It will enable an athlete-centred approach to dual careers. It will create coaching frameworks and workforce requirements that enhance grassroots development and improve workforce requirements.

  • Governance, leadership, and management
  • Athlete centred approach, including dual careers and duty of care
  • Coaching framework that enhances grassroots and workforce requirements
  • Officiating framework that enhances grassroots and workforce requirements

Intellectual Outcomes (Future):

The Erasmus+ offers flexibility in terms of activities that Collaborative The provision of career guidance and support via academic Partnerships can implement, the submitted proposal demonstrated and business opportunities for athletes’ dual careers. Whilst also the appropriate objectives defined through 9 (nine) intellectual developing member associations pathways to develop coaching and outcomes (table 2) that cover a broad range of educational activity. ensuring the correct structured, qualified workforce to deliver training needs.

The project will establish the EIH with an educational structure within the timeline to the intellectual outputs that will form a bridge between national qualifications systems/ pathways. Developing skills to create purposeful learning for those in decision-making roles within hockey.

Intellectual Outputs:

TITLE: International Sports Federation Frameworks for Education
DESCRIPTION: An insight report into the education programmes and processes used in international sports federations.

TITLE: Educational Framework for the Teaching and Learning of Good Governance
TYPE: Toolkit
DESCRIPTION: A resource and training information pack for member associations to adopt and implement good governance policy.

TITLE: Athlete Dual Career Development
TYPE: Duty of Care Framework and Pilot
DESCRIPTION: Implementation of a duty of care pillar for athletes in sports or business across administration, marketing and communications.

TITLE: Coach Development Pillar for Europe
TYPE: Coaching Pathway/ Framework
DESCRIPTION: Developing a fit for purpose coaching framework that supports national growth (and new) access to coach education across member hockey associations.
Highlighting the importance of education, learning and skills transference in sport will be important in the project alongside the analysis of key findings to enable sustainability and transferability of the intellectual outputs.

TITLE: Creating the Future Fit for Purpose Workforce
TYPE: Workforce /Training/ Pilot
DESCRIPTION: Development of standardisations across workforce needs for educational pillars of the European Institute for Hockey.

TITLE: Global and Public Launch of the European Institute for Hockey (EIH)
TYPE: Communication Campaign
DESCRIPTION: The formal launch campaign for the opening of the European Institute for Hockey.

TITLE: Findings of the European Hockey Frameworks for Educational Output
TYPE: Academic Research Report/ Publication
DESCRIPTION: An insight report on the education pillars created for the EIH; which processes should and can be used in international sports federation educational development.

TITLE: Legacy and Future Impact
TYPE: Academic Research Report
DESCRIPTION: A deep dive review on the sustainability and transferability of the intellectual outputs of the EIH.

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