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Executive Board Meeting
Minutes12th December 2020, Via Video conference 
MeetingExecutive Board
Marijke Fleuren, Carola Meyer, Walter Kapounek, Inez Cooper, Patrick Keusters, Peter Elders, Simon Mason, Magdalena Nazaret, Sabina Zampetti, Pamela Michaelis, Mika Rihtila, Angus Kirkland.   Chairs of Athletes Committee, Janne Müller-Wieland and David Harte  

Monika Ivanauskaite, EHF Administration Manager

Jokko de Wit (part)
Apologies None
Agenda topics
President’s WelcomeMarijke Fleuren
The President, Marijke Fleuren, welcomed everyone to the last online meeting of this year. The President outlined that this meeting will be focused on closing an unusual year and planning for 2020. We hope next year will be better and more “light” in the future. The agenda was prioritized specific discussion points given the proximity of the last meeting. Chairs of Athletes Committee, Janne Müller-Wieland and David Harte joined the meeting. The President raised that the discussion on the EuroHockey Championships 2023 was a conflict for some members and that after the report was given would be asked to excuse themselves from the call. Sabina gave a brief update on the situation in Italy regarding their election. The FIH Congress and elections were discussed.  
Minutes of Last Meeting
The minutes of the meeting held online on 31st October were reviewed but not approved. There needs to be edited and will be approved at the next EB meeting.
Special OlympicsCarola Meyer
EHF Vice President Carola Meyer informed the Board about Hockey’s acceptance as a demonstration sport into the Special Olympics being held in Berlin in June 2023. A lot of work has been completed by many parties to bring ParaHockey forward and Carola expressed her gratitude to all involved. The Special Olympics platform is wonderful for hockey and Carola outlined the great support being received from the Special Olympics. Carola also highlighted that to be able to have additional Para disciplines in the future what we know as ParaHockey will now be named as Hockey ID (Intellectual Disability). Click here for more information.
FIH World Cup QualificationMarijke Fleuren / Angus Kirkland
The President and Director General update the Board about the FIH Executive Board meeting discussing the FIH World Cup Qualification process. The President was pleased to confirm that the FIH Board had agreed to quotas being allocated to each CF based on the World Rankings. A meeting with the NAs to update them has been organised for Monday 14th Dec.
Board Member PaperAngus Kirkland
Angus Kirkland had circulated a paper containing – general information for Board members, the expectation of them in office, conflict of interest and confidentiality. The Conflict of Interest approach had been agreed upon at the last meeting but not unanimously. There was a discussion on the process and given the fact that all the Board members came from Member Nations, where the line of conflict arose or not. The President will ask at the beginning of each meeting if any member has any conflicts on the agenda.  Feedback was requested and the paper will be finalised and approved at the next meeting.
Indoor Extension proposalWalter Kapuonek
Walter Kapounek updated the Board about the EuroHockey Indoor Championship extension proposal to 10 teams. The Board reviewed and discussed the proposal and tabled a final decision until the next meeting.
Commercial updateJokko de Wit
EHF Partnership Manager, Jokko de Wit, updated the Board with regard to arranging a “village” accommodation for all EHF related events at the EuroHockey Championships with a business model around it. The Board gave the green light of the project and Jokko will keep the Board informed on progress.   The Board also received an update on the EHTV+ project, which was presented at General Assembly. A lot of work is going on finalising the technological elements and discussing with interested Members, Leagues and Clubs.
EHF Committees reportsCommittee members
Board members received committee reports before the meeting and were taken as read and were noted.
Finance ReportMika Rihtila
The Treasurer updated the Board about the financial position for the year to date and Angus Kirkland presented the outlook for the year end which was slightly better than the last meeting.
EHC 2023 Bid RecommendationAngus Kirkland
Angus Kirkland presented to the Board the EHC Bid Committee recommendations for EuroHockey Championship 2023. As we had two proposed hosts, Germany and Belgium, Carola Meyer, Patrick Keusters, and Janne Müller-Wieland left the meeting on receiving the report and prior to the Board discussion on the subject. The Board discussed the recommendation and approved the recommendation and awarded the 2023 EuroHockey Championships to Germany. Click here for more information.
Any other businessAll members
The President thanked the Board for their time, wished great moments with families at Christmas time, and the meeting closed at 13:20.
The EB meetings were set for 2021 as follows:
19th – 20th March 2021 Brussels if travel possible or video conference
11th June 2021, Amsterdam;  
August 2021 prior to GA to be finalised; 
18th September 2021, Video Conference; 
10th – 11th December 2021 Brussels if travel possible    

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