#FridayFocus: 70 coaches and 2 world-renowned sporting leaders

Posted On 12/03/2021

The continued “pause in play” for many of our nations and the inability to gather as we usually would around a pitch, on the clubhouse steps has been challenging for our Coaching Programmes who always use EuroHockey events to bring our coaches together to learn, share knowledge and measure learning outcomes. As this hasn’t been possible our Mentors have used this time to “go online” and it has been therefore possible to bring in some truly inspiring experts to expand our coaches knowledge.

Last Sunday, 70 coaches from all over Europe gathered for an online workshop and to learn from 2 world-class leaders in sport:

Bob Browaeys, Technical Director Flemish Football Association & FIFA Instructor, presented on “Talent Identification” and Stuart Lancaster, Senior Coach Leinster Rugby, Former England Rugby Head Coach presented on “Authentic Leadership”

Tom Pedersen Smith, EHF Head of National Association Development, Education and Funding, said “I think generally there is a bit of “all zoomed out” feeling among us all, but this Workshop really reignited the fire in the belly of our coaches all over Europe. I am so proud of our leadership team who delivered this really excellent Workshop. The wealth of knowledge in the “room” and the enthusiasm of our coaches who were so open to learning from Bob and Stuart made for a top-class event. Everyone is now ready to deliver their best just as soon as they can get back out on the pitch with their players.”

Speaking to EHF Coaching Mentor Bobby Crutchley on the concept of bringing in experts from outside hockey “We know great coaching is far more than the technical and tactical knowledge of our specific sport. We also know that if we stay in the same environment our potential for learning and development is significantly reduced. Bob and Stuart’s presentations will have challenged our coaches current working practices around identifying and developing talent, as well as how to shape a performance culture that is appropriate for the teams they are working with.

He added on the potential learning outcomes from the Workshop “It was then fantastic to be able to work within our small groups, to discuss and share ideas on what we took from the sessions. The opportunity to reflect together, as groups of coaches from all over Europe, is incredibly powerful.

We spoke to Italian coach Daniela Possali on her takeaways from the Workshop “For me was really exciting to learn from other sport too. Because the human body is equal for each sport. In my opinion when you are youth it’s important that the more sport you do the more you learn from it. This gives the youth more capacity and they can improve it. Field hockey is a multilateral sport then I think what you gave us last week was really interesting to learn from the top. Those experiences help me to organize better some project in Italy with youth talent. I like it a lot.

Speaking about looking forward to the future and when the coaches can meet again “I’m really looking forward to meeting new coaches and our mentor. But the most important thing I think is that we can look forward to normal life! After a year of being in this situation is important to start again socialize and do things together. Face to face the energy and the empathy is different and if you are all together it can be easier to ask questions instead of waiting perhaps for the next meeting.”

Our Coaching Programmes will continue online until we are back able to safely gather at EuroHockey events.

For more information on these programmes and how to get involved, click here

Pictured l-r : Bob Browaeys, Technical Director Flemish Football Association & FIFA Instructor and Stuart Lancaster, Senior Coach Leinster Rugby, Former England Rugby Head Coach

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