EHF Coaching Committee meets

Posted On 15/03/2021

A fully packed Agenda was presented to the EHF Coaching Committee last Friday when they met via video conference.

In attendance:
EHF Representatives
Executive Board Member, Inez Cooper
Head of National Association Development, Tom Pedersen-Smith
EHF Member Federation representatives
BEL Michel Kinnen
GRE Aristi Chatzimichail
NED Herman Kruis
GER Jamilon Mulders
ENG Demi Dowley
NED Norbert Nederlof
AUT Cedric D’Zousa
ESP Cesar Hernandez

The basis for the meeting was to evaluate the current programmes and structures in place and enable long term decisions to be made to benefit all member National Associations.

The meeting worked in 4 sections, firstly looking at the overall strategic overview of EHF Development and then a specific analysis around content of current programming which was further explored in regards to how best participants are and can be assessed throughout delivery. Before a wide-ranging group of conversations about how to best help National Associations develop their own coach education workforce.

The discussions in the working groups were around:

  • The content of the general and task topics covered in TCP and C4E across online workshops and face to face seminar
  • Discuss the ideology of assessment – how/why/what/where should this be done across TCP and C4E
  • Discuss the ideology of liner and non-liner coaching frameworks – how/why/what/where should or could also be delivered by the EHF apart from just TCP and C4E. Is there anything? Is it needed? How does this affect other National Associations or/and other partners such as FIH Academy?

The groups then reported back to the whole Committee.

Speaking to Demi Dowley and Cedric D’Zousa on their experience of the Meeting, they told us of the passion, commitment and knowledge in the ‘room’:

Demy: When you get a group of people together that are both passionate and knowledgeable, magic will happen. It is really exciting to see how the two coaching programmes are refining into a more ‘wrap around’ offer. 

Cedric agreed: There was extremely positive energy throughout this very constructive meeting and ideas flowed freely. All the committee members explored the aspects in front of them and then streamlined and agreed on how to add to the overall framework.

Demy, speaking specifically on the programmes: The Top Coaches’ Programme is really looking to stretch and challenge Performance coaches across all areas; the game of hockey, the technical skills of hockey, the physical and perhaps most important-the psychological. The Coaches for Europe Programme is looking to support the ongoing growth and development of coaches within a varied and dynamic community. 

Cedric added: The TCP will demand task orientation and have a Performance focus. ‘Coaching in a storm’ will be explored for both on and off the field scenarios.  C4E will really focus on the process of the participants and will offer guidance towards self-assessment. Coaches will consider how they can also add value to the community of coaches as well as pursuing their individual action plan.

Speaking about the Committee in particular Demy said: The committee shares a common drive to find excellence in their coaches but also to ignite coach development in smaller National Associations where there is no pathway. 

Cedric was happy to conclude with praise for his fellow committee members: There is a common goal; to widen the base and make small additions in order to enhance what is already superb EHF Coach Education. 

For more information on the EHF’s Coaching programmes, click here

Photograph: Michel Kinnen pictured pre-Covid (Col Morley 9(c))

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