#FridayFocus: ONSIDE Final Outputs are now live and available to the officiating sector!

Posted On 09/04/2021

The European Hockey Federation has partnered with EOSE in the new EU project  “Raising the growth and participation of female sports officials in Europe” which has come off the back of this great work being done by ONSIDE.

The ONSIDE project aims to ensure the area of sport officiating is able to develop and flourish through an innovative and cross-sport transnational project. The project has been built to provide the opportunity to define the generic skills and competencies common across different sports and needed by sports officials, and then to develop innovative fit-for-purpose e-learning courses for sports officials with modules to engage, inform and upskill them.

The ONSIDE partners are delighted to announce the Final Outputs from this innovative ground-breaking project are now live and available to the entire sports sector.

For the first time at the European level ONSIDE brought together partners and stakeholders from different sports to research and analyse generic skills which are common across all sports. ONSIDE has created a series of products which will be valuable to any organisation which is interested in developing the area of sport officiating and, in particular, the generic transversal skills that all sport officials need to demonstrate.

The six Final Outputs of the ONSIDE project have been published and are now live and available from the library section of the ONSIDE website. The Final Outputs are as follows:

•             ONSIDE Occupational Descriptor

•             ONSIDE Occupational Map

•             ONSIDE Functional Map

•             ONSIDE Occupational Standards

•             ONSIDE Handbook of Training Modules

•             ONSIDE Guide to Sustainability and Quality Assurance Strategies

Download your copy and take a look now at www.onside-sport.eu/library or click above!

Photograph: Laurine Delforge (left) and Magali Sergeant (right) at the EHL (World sport pics)

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