Our EuroHockey events in July 2021

Posted On 05/05/2021

The EHF President, Marijke Fleuren, wished to preface the announcement with the following statement “The EHF has been open in our communications since the start of the global pandemic, knowing the impact on our National Associations (NAs), their teams, and their staff. 

So, this time again, focusing on our July events, we wish to be transparent about our decision-making process. 

Knowing that our Competitions Manager, David Voskamp has spoken to every National Association to understand the challenges, the pressures, and the possibilities for July, we have undertaken a deep dive into the pros and cons of hosting/cancelling events during July, with the safety of our teams, officials, and volunteers as paramount in the process.  

This time we have especially considered our young athletes and the impact that the pandemic has had in their short lives and how we can ensure that they will get a chance to shine.  

We also considered the costs of testing, now that from experience, we know that this is the best way to deliver safer events.” 

The outcome is the following:  

Senior EuroHockey5s events, due to take place from 7th – 10th July are CANCELLED. 

EuroHockey5s Tournament, Women, Walcz, Poland  

EuroHockey5s Tournament A, Men, Vinnitsa, Ukraine  

EuroHockey5s Tournament B, Men, Lipovci, Slovenia  

As we will be delivering EuroHockey5s World Cup Qualifying events in 2022, it was agreed that these athletes will have the opportunity to travel and participate freely in 2022. 

EuroHockey5s U16 Championships, due to take place 7th – 10th July are CANCELLED. 

EuroHockey5s U16 Championship, Boys, Lausanne, Switzerland  

EuroHockey5s U16 Championship, Girls, Lausanne, Switzerland  

EuroHockey5s U16 Championship II, Boys, Alanya, Turkey  

Having seen the different answers from the NAs, we believe that these tournaments are too early in July and that our Under 16 players will have more opportunities to play in EuroHockey events in the years to come. We feel that the most realistic decision is to cancel. We look forward to these athletes having many years of EuroHockey events in the future. 

EuroHockey U18 Championships, 18th – 24th July 2021, decision to be announced no later than 14th May 

EuroHockey U18 Championship, Boys, Valencia, Spain  

EuroHockey U18 Championship, Girls, Valencia, Spain  

EuroHockey U18 Championship II, Boys, Vienna, Austria  

EuroHockey U18 Championship II, Girls, Zurich, Switzerland  

EuroHockey U18 Championship III, Boys, Zagreb, Croatia  

EuroHockey U18 Championship, III, Girls, Zagreb, Croatia  

In 2020 we postponed our EuroHockey Under 18 events and we extended the age category to allow the under 19 athletes (the same age group as planned in 2020) to participate. On balance we have decided that we are very keen to deliver these events.  Therefore, we are now in discussion with our hosts to ensure that the necessary detailed protocols (especially on testing) are possible in their countries. A final decision, in co-operation with the hosts and participating teams, will be announced no later than 14th May 2021.

Ends/…. 5th May 2021

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