Day 4 roundup – EuroHockey U18 Championships

Posted On 21/07/2021

Championship (g), Valencia


GER v NED (Pool A) 3-1
RankingTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

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Championship II (g), Zurich

POL – AUT 0-0

ITA – CZE 1-4

FRA – SUI 0-0

Pool A

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

Pool B

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
1Czech Republic3210144107

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Championship III (g) Zagreb

UKR – TURPool A7 – 1
LTU – CROPool A1 – 1
RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

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Day 3 started off with the first match of the girl’s tournament.
Ukraine 7:1 Turkey
Ukraine took on Turkey to start it off. The first half was a tight contest as Turkey managed to create a lot of chances but couldn’t finish them, as Ukraine managed to grab an early lead. The match was a stalemate for quite a while, but Ukraine broke Turkey’s defence to score a few quick goals as Turkey got one back.
Lithuania 1:1 Croatia
A hard-fought match from both sides that resulted in a draw. Both sides were playing well, but Croatia managed to score first early in the second half. What looked like a moment of desperation, Lithuania took out their goalkeeper, almost conceded and Croatia got a penalty that they didn’t convert and the risk paid off, Lithuania scored the equalizer with just a minute left in the second half.

Championship (b), Valencia

Championship II (b), Vienna


ITA – CZEPool A3 – 2   
POL – TURPool B7 – 2
UKR – AUTPool B1 – 6

Pool A

RankingTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
3Czech Republic200226-40

Pool B

RankingTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

The last Pool A & B matches were played today. Italy and the Czech Republic were the first teams on the pitch. The Italians needed a win to reach the semis as their goal difference was worse than the one of the Czechs: -3 for CZE and -5 for ITA. 3 years ago in Cardiff (EuroHockey U18 Championship II) the game ITA-CZE ended 2-4. Simone ZOPPI for Italy and Štěpán KLABAN and captain Patrik DUBINA for the Czech Republic also played in this match 3 years ago, as they did today as well.

Both teams started nervously with the 1st real chance in the game for Italy when a nice backhand shot hit the post. In the 2nd quarter, the Italians got the better hand and various corners were not converted until shortly before half-time when Felix DIONISI scored a tip-in PC. Again Felix DIONISI

from a field goal and Daniele CAVALLINI from a penalty corner put the Italians to a comfortable 3-0 lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Czechs thought differently, however. They kept pushing for a final offensive which resulted in a PC scored 4 minutes before the end by Tomáš BRANŠOVSKÝ. One minute later a cross from the right from Štěpán KLABAN which gave Filip KAČÍREK a chance he couldn’t miss: 3-2. A last-minute PC gave the chance for the Czechs to reach their so wanted result but they were not able to convert. Final score 3-2 to Italy with the Italians advancing to the semi-finals as 2nd of Pool A.

In Pool B Poland and Turkey played a fast game. The ball went from circle to circle. Dominik TURIJ made 1-0 from a PC before Alperen ATAŞ and İsa BAKAR put Turkey in front by scoring 2 field goals in 3 minutes. Poland equalized via a goal of Nikodem WOŹNIAK, all happening within the first 10 minutes. 2 seconds before the end of the 1st period the 3-2 was scored via Szymon CYPRYCH.

After a scoreless 2nd quarter, the Polish players found the net again in the 3rd (Dominik TURIJ via a PC) and 4th quarter (3 field goals of Dominik MAŁECKI, again Dominik TURIJ and Julian BLASZKIEWICZ) making it 7-2. Poland advanced to the semifinals.

The day was concluded with Ukraine taking on Austria. As we have seen this week, the local supporters were again able to find the parkstadion in the Prater Park in Vienna. They enjoyed a good performance of the teams, especially the home team.

Fülöp LOSONCI scored a PC in the 5th minute. Yurii DZEMUKH got a big opportunity to equalize, but his Penalty Stroke was stopped by goalkeeper Lukas SCHIESSER, something he also did yesterday against Poland. A real ‘penalty stoke killer’. Another PC goal from Konstantin KLIMON, a field goal of Fülöp LOSONCI, a PC of Benjamin KÖLBL, and a goal from open play of Tim FLICKER showed a clear 0-5 on the scoreboard at halftime.

Marcin NYCKOWIAK for Austria and Yaroslav BERHILEVYCH for Ukraine made the 2nd-half-score 1-1, but the end score was 1-6 to Austria which Austria advancing to the semifinals. Fülöp LOSONCI currently is a topscorer with a tournament total of 4.

Today’s results mean that the Czech Republic and Ukraine will play in Pool C on Thursday.

The semifinals are:

France – Poland

Austria – Italy

Championship III (b) Zagreb

CRO – BLR 1 – 2

Pool A

RankingTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

Croatia 1:2 Belarus
What a match to end the day, an important match for both teams and it showed. Both sides started out carefully, creating their chances with patience only to be met by a tough and strong defence. Croatia took the lead just before halftime but Belarus had a strong showing in the second half scoring two goals to win the match.

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