Update regarding EHF Covid19 Guidelines

Posted On 13/06/2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

The journey: 

As you are aware since the beginning of the pandemic we have worked tirelessly to keep all of those under our care during events as safe as possible.

In addition to working within the restrictions of hosts and participants, we have used as much ‘common-sense’ as possible.

The landscape of the pandemic has shifted and changed and we have tried to be as dynamic as possible in our decision-making.

The Covid19 Panel regularly meets and reviews our Guidelines and they will continue to do this.

Removal of restrictions from 13th of June: 

Given all the medical, government, and local event hosting guidelines, it has been decided to remove all EHF Covid19 restrictions from the 13th of June, including any testing and the necessity for vaccinations for participants, for the foreseeable future.

Participants responsibility: 

However, we would qualify this with the fact that all participants are still bound by whatever the rules are for arriving in the host country.

The responsibility for each person/team now rests with them to ensure that they are fully compliant with whatever rules are in place before you travel to an event.

It should be noted that from 13th of June 2022 anyone who contracts Covid19 and has to quarantine in the country of the event, any related costs are for your National Association/Club.

The future:

We would also note that it is possible that this decision could be reversed if at a later stage the medical and government advice changes again.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of hockey as we all navigate this together.


With kind regards,

Angus Kirkland

Director General, EHF

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