Stand with Ukraine – help support Ukraine Junior team

Posted On 17/06/2022

Serhii Dontsov, President of Ukrainian Hockey Federation: „I welcome you and express my gratitude for the attention you give to the Ukrainian Hockey Federation (UHF) and its members.

Despite the hostilities caused by Russian aggression, UHF is doing its best to ensure the participation of national and club teams in European competitions. In addition, adult and young hockey players of Ukraine, at the kind invitation of the European Associations, hold training camps in European countries, for which we are infinitely grateful.

However, due to the limited wartime budget, unless we raise more funds we will be unable to participate with all the teams expected in the tournaments that we have enrolled. In particular, UHF is working to give the opportunity for the team to participate in the EuroHockey Junior Championship III, Men, which will be held 24th – 30th July, 2022 in Finland.

We kindly asking your support to help our team be part of this EuroHockey Junior Championship.“

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