Update Day 2 EuroHockey Junior Championships II, w, Vienna

Posted On 26/07/2022

Thanks to Czech Hockey – Day 2 at EuroHockey Junior Championship II Women (Vienna) sees Austria leading with 6 points, followed by Poland with 4 points.

AUT – FRA 2:0 (1:0)

In the game between Austria and France, two teams meet at eye level – so the start is very balanced. France is awarded the first penalty corner – offshoot corner and the Frenchwoman scores. However, vehement protests from the Austrian women contribute to the fact that the two referees discuss and then withdraw. It stays at 0:0. Seconds from the end of the first quarter, a French attack ends right at the free-standing striker, but goalkeeper Fabienne Gnehm is there and prevents worse.

In the 24th minute, the Young Red Foxes finish an attack wonderfully: Kathi Bauer intercepts a ball in midfield, serves Franzi Frey, gets the ball back ideally, and passes it on to Helene Herzog, who scores to make it 1-0 for Austria. Both teams neutralize each other by half-time and no further goals are scored.

Shortly after the start of the second half, France came into the circle with a nice combination of passes and they earned a penalty corner. The corner defense we discussed works well and the French women’s chance is gone. Then it’s Austria’s turn again: Katzi Proksch plays the ball into the circle from the left – out of a tumult the ball comes to Leonie Koderhold and she makes it 2-0. The team rewards the cheering fans who turned up in large numbers at the hockey stadium despite the weekday.

France is now increasing the pressure, but the defense keeps a cool head despite the heat. Not so easy, because the Austrians are punished 3x with green cards and have to act outnumbered for some time. 6 minutes before the end of the 3rd quarter, goalkeeper Fabienne Gnehm prevented France from scoring again with a great save.

44 minutes – Austria finds a way through the opponent’s defense again – pass combination Klausbruckner/Frey/Klausbruckner – the ball, flicked halfway up, unfortunately, ends up in the hands of the French goalkeeper and Austria’s 2-0 lead remains.

In the last quarter, France put everything on one card, trying to increase the pressure and having a lot of possession. But Austria is holding up well with solid team performance and a perfectly adjusted defense. France is also unable to break the Young Red Foxes’ corner defense – even with 11 outfield players using them in favor of the goalkeeper.

With a decent work victory, the Austrian team is at the top of the table at the European Championships after 2 days and with 6 points.

CZE – POL 2:3 (0:1)

Poland is already 3-0 up in the game against the Czech Republic. They are the more efficient team in front of goal. The third goal comes in the 51st minute and Poland looks like the sure winner.

But the Czech Republic rears up again and 2 minutes later scores a penalty corner. 1:3 and a little less than 7 minutes left on the clock. The Poles suddenly with unnecessary ball losses and the Czech Republic worked out the next short corner and this is also used – only 2:3. 

It’s now hectic back and forth, the Czech Republic is pushing for an equalizer, but Poland survives the last few minutes and brings the victory home.

ITA – UKR 2:5 (1:4)

Thanks to better team performance, Ukraine wins the game against Italy 5:2. In the 1st quarter as well as in the 2nd quarter Ukraine is successful with “double goals” – in minutes 12 & 14 and 2x in minute 27. Italy misses a 7m before half-time, but scores shortly after with a converted penalty corner.

For a moment, Italians hope for more – in the 35th minute they make it 2:4 with a penalty corner, but Ukraine increases it to 2:5 5 minutes later. 



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