EuroHockey Qualifiers, Men and Women 2022 – update

Posted On 27/07/2022

Update 4th May 2022, Brussels, Belgium: Due to the exclusion of Russia and Belarus, the EuroHockey Qualifier events had to be reviewed. 

In particular, the men’s events had to be revised as the event in Vienna had only 2 teams remaining. Therefore 2 teams have been added to the panel of teams which makes all events 4-team events.

This process was carefully discussed in length and the aim was to try to have the pools as fair as possible and to have the least disruption for teams possible. 

A review of the EuroHockey Qualifying process and implications for 2024 will be published in due course.

The dates and pools are stated below. One team from each event will qualify for the EuroHockey Championships, Men and Women in 2023.

Men’s Qualifier A  

Teams:             ESP, POL, CZE, POR 

Venue:             Ourense (ESP) 

Dates:               17-20 August 2022 

Withdrawn:      SVK 

Men’s Qualifier B 

Teams:             FRA, IRL, TUR, LTU 

Venue:             Calais (FRA) 

Dates:               24-27 August 2022 

Withdrawn:      SLO 

Men’s Qualifier C 

Teams:             AUT, CRO, ITA, UKR 

Venue:             Vienna (AUT) 

Dates:               23-26 August 2022 

Withdrawn:      DEN, HUN 

Excluded:         RUS, BLR 

Men’s Qualifier D 

Teams:             SCO, WAL, SUI, GIB

Venue:             Glasgow (SCO) 

Dates:               24-27 August 2022 

Withdrawn:       FIN 

Women’s Qualifier A  

Teams:             ENG, WAL, CRO, SVK 

Venue:             Durham (ENG) 

Dates:              25-28 August 2022 

Excluded:         RUS 

Women’s Qualifier B 

Teams:             IRL, POL, CZE, TUR 

Venue:             Dublin (IRL) 

Dates:              18-21 August 2022 

Withdrawn:      FIN 

Women’s Qualifier C 

Teams:             ITA, UKR, LTU

Venue:             Vilnius (LTU) 

Dates:              17-20 August 2022 

Excluded:          BLR 

Withdrawn:       GIB 

Women’s Qualifier D 

Teams:             FRA, SCO, SUI, AUT 

Venue:             Dunkirk (FRA) 

Dates:               24-27 August 2022 

Withdrawn:      HUN, SLO 

EHF Office, 27th July 2022

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