Development Committee eyes strategic intent 

Posted On 06/10/2022

6th October 2022, Brussels, Belgium: The EHF Development Committee met last weekend in Brussels.

With 15 national associations present at the second meeting of the year the focus was on sharing and learning about the strategic ambitions of each National Association. Also for EuroHockey to position itself to lend more support they commissioned Oaks Consultancy to review the strategic capabilities of members and resources of support offered by EuroHockey. 

Before the afternoon session by Oaks, Belgium, Poland and Spain led sessions explaining their strategic plans for their organisation.

Oriol Cortada the RfEH Board member and EuroHockey Development Committee member said 

“What a massive pleasure it was to participate last week in the Development Committee of (the) European Hockey Federation. A great group of hockey lovers (both professionals and board members) working so much to grow this sport in every country. It is such an enriching opportunity to be able to share new approaches and innovations for situations and problems shared by the different European countries, in our work to grow Hockey. Cooperation is the best weapon for our sport to scale”

Thanks to Marcos Hofmann, Peter Elders, Tom Pedersen-Smith Cameron Findler to organize this good session on behalf of the members.

From my perspective, it was interesting to hear about new innovations, and creative solutions to old barriers and explain the big changes we are doing at Real Federación Española de Hockey thanks to the new Strategy Plan.

“We are giving Spanish Hockey a boost and a new strategic focus prioritizing growth, we hope that we will soon be able to materialize the results and share more good practices with the different countries. It is essential to turn strategy into movement and action. ”

I am looking forward to the next session in March 2023”

To support the growth mindset in developing hockey also continued with sessions on equipment, infrastructure, and facilities coordinated by Rich Beer, the Sport and Development Director at England Hockey. Oaks Consultancy ran a review session of strategic understanding between the participating members which will be presented in March with recommendations to EuroHockey. 

For more information on the EHF’s Development Programmes, click here 



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