EuroHockey Indoor Championship schedule finalised for Hamburg in December

Posted On 11/10/2022

The fixture schedule for the men’s and women’s EuroHockey Indoor Championships has been finalised with 36 fixtures on the schedule from 7th to 11th December, 2022 at Sporthalle Hamburg.

The competition will feature six countries from each gender who will contest preliminary round-robin groups before advancing to classification fixtures to determine the medal positions. Tickets are available via

Hosts and 15-time champions Germany will be in action twice on the opening day of the women’s competition with an opening tie against Türkiye (13.00 CET) and then a date with Austria in the evening session (19.30 CET) on 7th December.

Those games are on a list of six fixtures on the first day of action in Hamburg with Ukraine against Czech Republic first up (10.30 CET), followed by the Netherlands against Austria.

The second set features the Dutch against the Czechs (17.00 CET) Türkiye versus Ukraine (18.15 CET). The competition continues in a round-robin basis from which the classification matches on 10th December will be determined. The final is on 15.35 (CET) that day between the sides finishing first and second in the group.

Germany hope to be in that decider and have named a panel with some legends like Janne Müller-Wieland, Lisa Altenburg and Franzisca Hauke looking to sign off on a high.

“The idea of ​​saying goodbye to Janne, Sissy and Lisa on the international stage was already in place for the original tournament date that was canceled in January due to Covid-19,” explained coach Valentin Altebburg. 

“It’s nice all three have not let that opportunity pass them by now. We want to offer something special for German and international indoor hockey fans!”

Speaking about her selection, Müller-Wieland says she is “like a child” in her excitement for the event, saying: “To finish with the backdrop of my hometown, it makes it all the better that I can now complete my career in Hamburg.”

In the men’s competition, action begins on 8th December with hosts and 2020 champions Germany coming up against 2018 finalist Belgium in the third game of the day (12.00 CET).

Tobias Hauke – a double Olympic gold medalist – has already been confirmed in their line-up by coach Rein van Eijk but the remainder of the 12-man panel has yet to be named.

Tobias Hauke at the 2018 World Cup in Berlin. Picture: Frank Uijlenbroek/World Sport Pics

“It is a great feeling for me to be able to play such a championship again in my city in front of my home fans,” said Hauke. “Especially after having missed it a few times now due to Corona cancellations. 

“Selection won’t be about finding the 12 best indoor players in Germany but  a group that quickly becomes a team. I’ve always loved indoor hockey; in particular, 2007 was my first indoor tournament at the World Cup in Vienna and now it’s come full circle for me.”

Earlier on 8th December,, the Czech Republic take on the Netherlands (09.30 CET) while 2018 winners Austria make their tournament entry at 10.45 CET against Switzerland.

Their campaign will build up to the classification games on 11th December where the final will be contested by the top two countries from the round-robin phase.

** Tickets are available to purchase now via:

EuroHockey Indoor Championship (December 7th – 11th, 2022, all at Sporthalle, Hamburg)

Women’s fixtures

Match # Date Time Match
1 07 Dec 10:30
UKR v CZE (Pool A)
2 07 Dec 11:45
NED v AUT (Pool A)
3 07 Dec 13:00
GER v TUR (Pool A)
4 07 Dec 17:00
NED v CZE (Pool A)
5 07 Dec 18:15
TUR v UKR (Pool A)
6 07 Dec 19:30
GER v AUT (Pool A)
7 08 Dec 13:15
TUR v NED (Pool A)
8 08 Dec 14:30
CZE v AUT (Pool A)
9 08 Dec 15:45
UKR v GER (Pool A)
10 09 Dec 9:30
AUT v UKR (Pool A)
11 9 Dec 10:45
CZE v TUR (Pool A)
12 09 Dec 12:00
NED v GER (Pool A)
13 09 Dec 17:00
AUT v TUR (Pool A)
14 9 Dec 18:15
GER v CZE (Pool A)
15 09 Dec 19:30
UKR v NED (Pool A)
16 10 Dec 12:45
5th Pool A v 6th Pool A (5th/6th Place)
17 10 Dec 14:10
3rd Pool A v 4th Pool A (3rd/4th Place)
18 10 Dec 15:35
1st Pool A v 2nd Pool A (Final)


Men’s fixtures

Match # Date Time Details
1 8 Dec 9:30 CZE v NED (Pool A)
2 8 Dec 10:45 AUT v SUI (Pool A)
3 8 Dec 12:00 GER v BEL (Pool A)
4 8 Dec 17:00 SUI v CZE (Pool A)
5 8 Dec 18:15 AUT v BEL (Pool A)
6 8 Dec 19:30 GER v NED (Pool A)
7 9 Dec 13:15 SUI v GER (Pool A)
8 9 Dec 14:30 NED v BEL (Pool A)
9 9 Dec 15:45 CZE v AUT (Pool A)
10 10 Dec 9:00 NED v SUI (Pool A)
11 10 Dec 10:15 BEL v CZE (Pool A)
12 10 Dec 11:30 GER v AUT (Pool A)
13 10 Dec 18:15 CZE v GER (Pool A)
14 10 Dec 19:30 AUT v NED (Pool A)
15 10 Dec 20:45 BEL v SUI (Pool A)
16 11 Dec 11:00 5th Pool A v 6th Pool A (5th/6th Place)
17 11 Dec 12:30 3rd Pool A v 4th Pool A (3rd/4th Place)
18 11 Dec 14:00 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool A (Final)

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