Oaks and EuroHockey sign a deal to collaborate

Posted On 17/01/2023

17th January 2022, Brussels, Belgium: Oaks Consultancy has been commissioned to lead EuroHockey’s development assessment of the strategic intent of member National Associations.

It will form a significant next phase in the EuroHockey strategy which aims to ensure the development and growth of all members.

Oaks provide expertise, support, and infrastructure to help shape, grow and sustain vital strategic and operational work of sports and third-sector organisations.  This includes working with UEFA member nations and international bodies across Table Tennis and Rugby.

This strategic intent and understanding of sustainable support of member National Associations have started with insight gathering across a variety of stakeholder groups including with 15 of our members at a recent development committee meeting. Along with other stakeholder groups, including our athletes’ committee, coaching, umpiring, and officiating experts from across other committees.

Phil Taylor (Head of Consultancy, Oaks) stated “The engagement across all consultations so far has been great to see and the passion for Hockey and its development has been clear at all levels of the EuroHockey network. Reflecting on the roles they play within the system, individuals have been engaged and transparent about their needs, which has helped shape the priorities for what a programme of strategic support for national associations could look like.”

Tom Pedersen-Smith (Head of National Associations, EuroHockey) stated “A pilot programme will launch in 2024 following the insight gathered across 2023. The long-term aim is that we can grow the strength of each National Association strategy, with a plan of action to help all nations develop, write, and implement long-term strategies.”

Pictured: Oaks Consulting at their recent meeting in the EHF Offices with members of the EHF Development Committee and member national associations

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