EuroHockey5s Championship, Women, 2023 – UPDATED

Posted On 08/03/2023

The EuroHockey5s Championship 2023 (Women) will take place on the following dates at the venue stated.

Women’s Championship

Teams: AUT, BLR (*excluded for the foreseeable future), GEO, NED, POL, RUS (*excluded for the foreseeable future), SUI, SVK, SWE, TUR, UKR, WAL.

Venue: Walcz (POL)

Dates: 28 June – 1 July 2023

Withdrawn: CRO, BEL


In case of circumstances beyond EHF’s control, EHF reserves the right to reconsider the event dates.

The withdrawal date for all tournaments in this competition is 15 January 2023. Any National Association withdrawing after that date may be subject to a fine or other disciplinary action by the EHF. See current EHF Regulations for further details.

The Men’s event took place in the summer of 2022.


EHF/ updated March 8th 2022

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