Development Intent 

Posted On 03/04/2023

The EHF development committee met in Brussels on 23rd March 2023, at the head office. Chaired by Peter Elders and Marcos Hofmann.

They were joined by individuals from across 16 nations and provided a content-packed day, which inspired a range of learnings and helped share knowledge.

The day was kicked off with content on previous works carried out by the administration of EuroHockey including a recent strategic needs analysis, and the objectives of the Septembers meeting including the delivery of the EuroHockey Institute, the upcoming review of the EuroHockey Solidarity Funding and the future mapping of international relations.


This was commissioned to Oaks Consultancy. Phil Taylor Head Consultant fed back the overview to two break-out groups around a recent funding submission and proposed pilot with 6 nations. The needs analysis reviews were conducted with various NA stakeholder groups and members from across various other committee leads. 


Gino Schilders (Czech Hockey), Cameron Findler (EuroHockey), and Thomas Tichleman (SportINQ) presented to the committee on an EU Funded Project to support youth leadership in hockey compiling the delivery of  National Youth Leadership Panel Pilots and the long-term intent to develop and run the European Youth Leadership Certificate  


Sharing knowledge of members has been a key indicator of the past 2 meetings, as it has given the platform for nations to share the landscape of each country and provide context for hockey’s development. Finland, Bulgaria, and the KNHB (Hockey Foundation) presented, shared, and discussed their national associations’ strategies, concepts, goals, success, and needs. Using the time to consider what each nation can learn and use themselves and how they could support each other. 


An overview of the strategic ambitions of EuroHockey to support member National Associations through accessibility and data was presented by the Head of National Associations Tom Pedersen-Smith. 

Peter Elders enthused by the commitment of each nation stated “It was again great to have this group of volunteers working together. We see that everyone has something to give to the other and also something to learn from the other. And the nice thing was to notice that the offers to help came from unexpected corners.

This together with the great possibilities that some European Union projects give us, makes Development a key area.”

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