19th September 2019, Brussels: The 3rd EHF Executive Board meeting of 2019 will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The Agenda items are as follows: 

As it’s the first Board meeting since the General Assembly in August – the Executive Board members will introduce themselves to fellow Board members, and Marijke Fleuren will have the opportunity to share the goals of the EHF for the coming period. 

  • Strategic Plan 20172024 Review and discuss updates for 2021-2028 
  • 2020 Operations Plan Overview                                                      
  • Education Committee                                                                                        
    • Education Committee Umpires Report 
    • Education Committee Officials Report 
    • Education Committee Coaches Report  
  • Development Projects Committee                                                                      
    • Development Projects Report                                             
  • Commercial & Communications Report                                                                  
    • Communications Report, analytics and Commercial update
  • Competitions Committee – Indoor                                                                     
    • Competitions Committee Indoor Report                                                                 
  • Euro Hockey League update                                                                                     
  • Competitions Committee– Outdoor                                                                    
    • Competitions Committee Outdoor Report   
  • FIH Updates                                                                                                                                                           
  • Hon Treasurer’s Report                                                                                        
  • Director Generals Report                                                                                                                            
    • EHC 2019 and 2021 Update 
    • Discipline 
    • Appointments     

In addition to the above agenda, members of the Board will have a number of important meetings with President and Secretary-General of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee; The Mayor and Deputy Major of Sofia; The Minister for Youth and Sports and the Rector of the National Sports Academy. Members will also have the opportunity to attend a local game MGU v NSA at NSA’s grounds.

A full report from the Board meeting and additional meeting will be published next week.