The second meeting of 2019 of the EHF Executive Board will take place in the EHF Office on 21st June.

The Agenda is as follows:  

Strategic Operations Plans Overview                                                    

Education Committee                                                                                      

  • Education Committee Umpires Report 
  • Education Committee Officials Report 
  • Education Committee Coaches Report 

Development Projects Committee                                                                  

  • Development Projects Report                                              

Commercial & Communications Report                                                                 

  • Communications Report, analytics and Commercial update 
  • Hall of Fame Update

Competitions Committee – Indoor     

  • Competitions Committee Indoor Report                                                                 

Euro Hockey League                                                                                       

Competitions Committee– Outdoor                                                                    

  • Competitions Committee Outdoor Report   

FIH Updates                                                                                                           

  • Global Calendar 2019-2023 Update and Discussion 
  • Officials 
  • FIH Committees                                              

Hon Treasurer’s Report                                                                                       

  • Budget Update 2019 YTD  
  • Budget 2020 & 2021 
  • EHF B.V.   

Director Generals Report                                                                                                                             

  • EHC 2019 
  • General Assembly 
  • Discipline 
  • Appointments   
  • EHF Committee Organigram   

A full update from the meeting will be posted on our site during next week.