European Hockey Federation Vice-President Carola Meyer and Education and Development Manager Norman Hughes were in Berlin recently to discuss with club officials from Club fur Leibesubungen Berlin the possible donation of a pitch. EHF Partner Polytan was also on hand to assist, with Matthias Dittman helping assess the carpet and its possibilities. It was thanks to a meeting between our partners Polytan and our Vice-President at the German Indoor Finals that this wonderful co-operation has been successful.

The meeting took place pitch side, where a contractor from Belarus, Vladimir Strok, helped in coordinating the donation. The pitch will be gifted to a new hockey city in the east of Belarus, Mogilev, which very recently hosted the National Indoor Finals.

Norman Hughes told us: “Thanks to wonderful networking and co-operation between our partners Polytan who met with EHF Vice President Carola Meyer at the Germany Indoor Finals, the EHF was able to procure this hockey carpet. EHF wishes to thank Polytan and the Hockey Club for their kind offer and support.”

If  your club is getting a new pitch (or thinking about it!) please consider donating your old pitch, and help hockey grow across Europe! Contact us with any questions, we are more than happy to help!