With only 17 days to go to the Euro ParaHockey Championship (and only 14 to the Rabo EuroHockey Championships!!) we would like to feature our newest resource: a Roadmap for ParaHockey (ID).

With help from the Development Projects Committee, KNHB and KBHB, we bring you a full document with tips, tricks and guides for how to start your very own Para division in your club.

The comprehensive guide comes complete with a description of how to integrate ParaHockey in your other club activities, what types of materials are needed and tips on how to plan activities, recruit members and volunteers. The Roadmap can help you decide which group to target, how to get started, what kind of drills and training to hold and how to fully integrate this division into your regular club schedule.

There are currently ParaHockey sections active throughout Europe, in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England, Ireland, France and Spain. All these countries will be participating at the Euro ParaHockey Championships in Amsterdam and will serve to showcase ParaHockey at its best.

Make sure to read and share this resource with all your clubs and members, so we can continue to grow ParaHockey across Europe and truly make hockey a sport for all!

Download the Hockey4All – Guide to ParaHockey (ID) here!