Through the last decade the pioneering EHF Give and Get programme has provided invaluable support across the European Hockey family.

We the EHF partner donor clubs and organisations with National Associations and their clubs who are needing pitches and kit.


The EHF supports the recycling of used quality water-based carpets. If you are interested in donating a carpet or need a carpet, please read the Give & Get details here!

 The EHF will assist you in assessing the state of the carpet and guide you through the donation process.

Kit & Equipment

EHF picks up the costs of moving kit and equipment to National Associations and Clubs who are in need of this. If you are interested in donating hockey kit, sticks, balls, GK equipment or similar then please get in touch on the below email address.

If you need any further explanation or details, please contact:

EHF Education and Development Manager

Click here to Email