15th May 2018: With just 2 days to go until we start our 10 EuroHockey Club 2018 events, let’s have a look at the where they all are and which are being streamed. A journey of some 10,622 km! 


This year we have 10 venues all over Europe. We travel from Helsinki to London onto Lipovci on Thursday then on to Geneva, Ghent, Vienna, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Dublin.


EuroHockey Club Cup, Women, Surbiton, England 

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Women, Dublin, Ireland 

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women, Edinburgh, Scotland 

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women, Ghent, Belgium

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Women, Vienna, Austria 

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Men, Vienna, Austria

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Men, Geneva, Switzerland 

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Men, Lipovci, Slovenia

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Men, Copenhagen, Denmark 

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Helsinki, Finland

EuroHockey U14 EHCC, Women, Surbiton, England

LIVE STREAMING on www.eurohockeytv.org 

54 games will be streamed:

EuroHockey Club Cup, Women, Surbiton (all games)

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Men, Vienna,  (Medal games)

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Men, Helsinki (all games)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women, Edinburgh (all games)


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Photograph: Wettingen – EuroHockey Club Trophy winners, 2017 (World Sport pics (c)