Stand with Ukraine EHF Fundraising Page

The EHF offers its full support to Ukraine and the Ukrainian hockey family.

As part of this support, we have opened this fundraising page for CLUBS and INDIVIDUALS.

We urgently ask our hockey family to provide support. Read the Ukrainian Hockey President’s words below and you will see how important it is that they get your support.

The process is easy: You only have to enter the donation amount in the box below and click “Donate Now” which will take you to a secure payment process.

Please donate by entering your donation amount in the box below and following the ‘Donate Now’, which brings you to a secure payment process.

Serhiy Dontsov, President of the Ukrainian Hockey Federation, said:

“The war caused by Russian aggression brought great disasters, destruction, and countless victims to the Ukrainian people. Many citizens of Ukraine were left without a roof over their heads as a result of the barbaric bombardments of our peaceful cities. Many Ukrainian people left their homes, fleeing the horrors of war and became forced refugees. The consequences of this war will be felt in Ukraine for a long time to come. We are grateful to everyone who aids our country. Only in unity can we survive and endure in this difficult time. I am grateful to the European Hockey Federation for the initiative to create a platform to help the hockey family of Ukraine. All your donations will help the restoration and development of hockey in Ukraine.”

Please donate – even the smallest amount will help – all funds will be used for current and future needs.

#StandWithUkraine #Solidarity