Hockey for All (H4A)

Programme Overview

This is an Erasmus+ funded programme which aims to support coaches to organise and run activities which encourage young children of all abilities – through the medium of hockey – to be respectful of each other and appreciative of differences. Through events, hockey camps and collaborative activities with other sports, H4A also aims to increase accessibility to hockey, both through schools and local clubs.

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Type of development

OnlineFace to Face


Soft SkillsHard Skills

Estimated Hours of Learning


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Last

How Long Does It Last

2.5 Days

How Many Applicants

How Many Applicants

12 minnimum

How Much Is It

How Much Is It

Projects can receive funding via EuroHockey Solidarity up to 2,000 per project.

Certification Body

Certification Body

EuroHockey Institute

Language Used

Language Used

English with translation to national language

Important Dates

Open contact EuroHockey Institute via member Portal

How To Get On


  • Submitted directly to EuroHockey via the EuroHockey Portal

Criteria & Level

  • Interest in coaching and hold a minimum of FIH Academy Level One of equivalent

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