The aim of EHF Youth Development is to ‘Give youth the real voice in European Hockey development’. Providing a platform for young leaders to express their views.

There is a Youth Leadership Panel of 12 young people aged between 18-30 (Based across Europe)

There is a Youth Leadership Group of 30 young people aged between 16-30 (Based across Europe)

  • There is a designated lead from the leadership panel for each region so that the Y.L Panel work with the Y.L. Group.
  • The EHF support up to two Youth Leaders from each member federation to be part of the Y.L. Group. (Currently 21/41 Federations are represented)
  • The EHF support young leaders working across hockey development & education and linking them with National Federation boards and staff members.
  • The Youth Leadership Panel is elected from the Youth Leadership Group every two years.

Every two years the Youth Leadership Panel and Youth Leadership Group convene for the EHF Youth Leadership Festival looking at a range of topics including:

  • Hockey innovation
  • Leadership & Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Careers in sport
  • Sports Administration
  • Volunteering
  • Event management

 When & Where is the Youth Leadership Festival:

  • Based in the same country as the European Championships.
  • It runs for five days Monday to Friday the week before the European Championships.
  • It therefore runs every two years.

 Who can get involved in the Youth Leadership Festival:

  • Each National Federation can send up to 2 young people each aged 16-30.
  • We are proud to advocate gender balance and ask for National Federations to please nominate one female and one male.

 What are the requirements:

  • A good level of English, verbal and written.
  • Prepared to present on an area of hockey development they have been involved in over the past 12months.
  • Agreement that the National Federation pay for the travel of each young leader.
  • Agreement that the National Federation pay the festival fee for each young leader.

 When can I apply to be involved:

  • For the Youth Leadership Festival this will open up the beginning of year the festival is on.
  • For the Youth Leadership Group, please contact us using the email address below.
  • For the Youth Leadership Panel, you must join the Youth Leadership Group.

If you need any further explanation or details, please contact:
EHF Education and Development Manager
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