Posted On 19/08/2019

Promoting fairness and justice within the sport, the Equally Amazing Charter seeks to ensure that everyone at every level gets access to the same opportunities

Hockey continues to be a ground-breaking sport when it comes to equality, with the European Hockey Federation (EHF), in its 50th year, announcing the launch of a new Gender Balance Charter.

The Charter, Equally Amazing, promotes fairness and justice in the sport. Being representative of all within hockey fairly and equally.

The EHF Charter aims to ensure everyone, at every level from the boardroom to the pitch, gets access to the same opportunities, no matter gender, age, race, religion or skill level.

EHF President Marijke Fleuren is seeking to ensure that hockey is at the forefront of promoting and sustaining gender balance within the sport.

At the EHF General Assembly in Antwerp on 16th August the 43 National Associations across Europe committed to the Charter following the formal launch of the charter.

The EHF is led by example, seeing the election of three females onto its Executive Board before the charter was launched. It now invites the Associations to commit to achieving a minimum of 30% from each gender on their Boards.

Speaking about the launch of the Charter, Marijke Fleuren commented: “The European Hockey Federation is committed to upholding the highest governance principles, which for us includes supporting and leveraging the talent of all those involved in hockey.”

Marijke Fleuren added: “Hockey is considered a role model to other sports in the area of gender balance area, and with the support of all the federations, we will continue to make strides towards becoming an #EquallyAmazing sport in every way.”

The EHF has already taken steps to promote gender balance with the introduction of The European Hockey Female Leadership Forum (EHFL) and expanding the current Euro Hockey League (EHL) to include the top women’s clubs in Europe.

The launch of the Charter was supported by a content-led campaign of the same name, #EquallyAmazing, to drive engagement and profile. The campaign featured advocates from across the sport, from athletes, coaches, umpires, youth panel members through to board members who share the same values in promoting gender balance and driving change to the sport.

Sally Munday, former CEO of England Hockey (and new CEO of UK Sport) commented: I think the gender balance Charter is really important. If you look across Europe, there are different national associations that are in different places with the balance of men and women. The reality is, we don’t want all women or all men – we want a combination of different genders. Hopefully, the Charter will invite people to look at the way their board or organisation is structured and encourage them to diversify. What is proven globally is that balanced businesses, boards and organisations make better decisions.”

Laurine Delforge, International Field Hockey Umpire commented: I was proud to make history with Michi Meister and for us to be the first female umpires appointed by the EHF to umpire the men’s game. We are all doing the same role, we are all as passionate about hockey and we are all facing the same challenges. We are the same – the Charter will help to endorse this key message.”

Hein Siemerink, Treasurer of the Pinoké Hockey Club commented: “Hockey is a sport for men and women. Diversity brings different opinions, different experiences and different angles in the boardroom that can contribute to greater outcomes. The sport will benefit from the Charter and the new #Equally Amazing Program.”

Maddie Hinch MBE, International Field Hockey Player commented: “#EquallyAmazing is so important for the future generations of the sport because it gives equal opportunities at every level, whether that is the boardroom, grassroots, or even just playing on the pitch itself.”

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