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About EuroHockey

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement:

EuroHockey develops, promotes, administers and supports all levels of hockey throughout Europe. Increasing participation, developing ever higher standards, encouraging community involvement and fostering enjoyment of all its activities are at the core of EuroHockey’s remit. The continental federation also aims, through its activities, to maintain hockey as an Olympic Sport.

EuroHockey is the governing body for hockey in Europe. It has 42 member national associations and is one of five Continental Federations affiliated to the International Hockey Federation (FIH). EuroHockey (previously the European Hockey Federation) was founded in Cardiff, Wales in 1969 and its first president was Pablo Negre. The current president is Marcos Hofmann, who was elected in 2023. Within his role, Marcos is chair of the Executive Board, which comprises the Director General and 11 elected members. In addition, Marcos is a member of the International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) Executive Board. Under the president’s guidance, the governance of EuroHockey sets a premium on transparency, inclusivity and accountability.

Our Values


Regardless of gender, age, race, religion, sexuality or skill level, hockey creates and fosters lifelong friendships, teamwork and loyalty.


The EuroHockey community is optimistic and dynamic in its outlook. Respect, encouragement, and knowledge-sharing are qualities that form the core of EuroHockey and its members.


Collectively acting responsibly, through honesty, transparency and good governance.


Whether it is on or off the field, we encourage a proactive, innovative approach, In this way, EuroHockey seeks to be influential in the development of hockey.


Fair play is at the core of our ethos. We ask the entire hockey community to treat everyone involved in the sport with respect, whether they are teammates, opponents, officials or volunteers.

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