Roundup EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy and Challenges, Men

Posted On 15/02/2020

EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy, Men, Alanya, Turkey – 14th Feb

Match 1:  East Grinstead 6-3 Three Rock Rovers (Pool A)

The first match of the tournament started with perfect opening by East Grinstead after 3 minutes with a goal of number 7 NAUGHALTY and first quarter is finished with a MACKEY goal from a penalty corner. In the third quarter, Three Rock Rovers made a good attack and scored their first and second goal with the captain of the team CANNING. They tried hard against the strong press but could not find a chance to change the final score.                          

Match 2: SCHC 3-6 ZELINA (Pool A)

The second match of the day the first goal scored by Dutch club with a penalty stroke on the 4th minute with SWEERING . FUJS (C) from Zelina made the score 1-1. In the second quarter Zelina continued their press and didn’t allow a goal from Dutch club. 2 scores came again from Zelina by FUJS (C). SCHC gained a chance to attack and scored 2 in the third quarter but with a 3 more goal from Croatia side, they deserved to win. 

Match 3:  WETTINGEN 5-9 RONCHIN (Pool B)

The opening match of Pool B was between Wettingen and Ronchin. The match started very fast and contentious. Both teams were very ambitious to win.  Switzerland opened the scoring with WINKLER Jonas in 2nd minute. The second and the third goal came from the French team in the first period and they did not give up and attacked fo both periods to win even Switzerland’s goals and they won the match.

Match 4: GAZIANTEP 8 -5 LOUSADA (Pool B)

There was a crowd for the first game of the host club Gaziantep Polisgücü to support them. The first goal was scored by the host in 1st minute with an Ali Akın Özkılıç and followed by NOROUZZADEH. In the following periods, the host club scored 8 goals and even the hard press and a good play of Portugal club Lousada had some good chances but the game went in favour of Gaziantep.

Match: 5 ZELINA 6-1 THREEROCK (Pool A)

A solid game from Zelina positioned them with 10 points in Pool A.  ThreeRock played a good game and it was really clear that they had good teamwork and showed positive attitude in spite of losing to the better side.

Match 6:  EASTGRIN 5-4 SCHC (Pool A)

Both two teams played quite well. The second period it was easy to see the dominant performance of England and this gained them  4 goals before the last 2 period. Dutch team never gave up and scored 2 goals before the last period but Eastgrind did not let them win.

Match 7: RONCHIN 6-4 LOUSADA (Pool B)

Through the first half first goal scored by the Lousada from Santos in the 7th minute. Charles and Igor scored goals for Ronchin and Santos scored again for Lousada. In the last period, Ronchin got ahead and held their lead to take the winning 5 points.

Match 8: GAZIANTEP  7-2 WETTINGEN (Pool B)

The first goal of the last match came from Turkish club with a NOROUZZADEH in 3rd minute.  Within 3 minutes the Swiss club attacked and scored their first goal via HUBER in 6th minute. During the second and the third periods of the game the host club pressed and scored 5 goals. The last goal came from the Swiss club in the last period from AEBI. And the match over with win victory of Turkish club.

All games are being LIVE streamed on

EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge I, Varna-Kamchia, Bulgaria, Men – 14th Feb

The first day of the EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge I (Men) in Varna-Kamchia (BUL) went through a
a lot of turns and twists.!

For full results and standings – click here

Match 1. Slagelse HC vs Cardiff & Met
А convincing victory for the Danish champion with 6:3.

Match 2. Western Wildcats vs Soroksári HC
After an even game, the Scottish champion won the game with 4:3.

Match 3. HC 1972 Rakovník vs HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa
A beautiful game resulting in 5:6.

Match 4. HC Bra vs FHC Slavia 1921
The host Slavia lost to the Italian champion Bra with 5:0.

Match 5. Cardiff & Met vs Soroksári HC
A tense match which ended with the draw 3:3.

Match 6. Western Wildcats vs Slagelse HC
The Scottish Wildcats lost to Slagelse with 2:4.

Match 7. HC Bra vs HC 1972 Rakovník
Bra showed a hearty game and turned the match against Rakovnik to 5:4.

Match 8. HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa vs FHC Slavia 1921
The team of Vinnitsa won to Slavia with 17:2.

All games are being LIVE streamed on

EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge II, Men, Bratislava, Slovakia – 14th Feb

For full results and standings – click here

This weekend Bratislava is hosting a EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge II, Men. The tournament was opened with a match where Mortensrud-Aker SK (NOR) faced their first opponent Club Adjara (GEO) and won six to one. The team KPH Rača (SVK), as well as HK Lipovci (SLO), have has shown their strength.

They have two victories that are making them the leaders of the group. HC Kilppari (FIN) and Baltic Champs (LTU) played two matches in a day and they both have one win and one loss. HK Elektrovojvodina Novi Sad (SRB) is still waiting for the first points.

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