EHF & KNHB Twinning Program

Posted On 27/03/2020

In cooperation with the KNHB the EHF is happy to announce the participants in the new Twinning Programme starting this year!

12 Clubs from the Netherlands have been twinned with 12 European hockey federations.

The mission of the program is:

To encourage, promote, develop & supporting the national growth of hockey education in Europe at all levels.

In the program, both the national federations and the clubs will strive to better their organisation by learning from the expertise and experience of their twinning partner.

During the programme, that has a minimum duration of a year, the pairs/twins will meet up twice in the Netherlands and twice in the country of the national association to exchange ideas, but most importantly experience the organisation of the partner in real life.

In the beginning, the partners will clearly state which part of their organisation they want to strengthen to make sure their time can be spent usefully. With this programme, we want to spread the present knowledge of hockey throughout Europe and use our member federation to develop hockey in Europe.

“By sharing knowledge through teaching, mentoring & facilitating the correct programmes and environments in order to maximise understanding, implementation and application.’’ Tom Pedersen-Smith (EHF)

The EHF and KNHB want to take hockey to the next level to keep growing as a sport across Europe importantly developing grassroots performance and education and high-performance level.

“We are looking forward to a wonderful exchange of knowledge, experience and passion which will bring hockey to the next level!” Gabrielle Van Doorn (KNHB)

EHF Board Member, Peter Elders said “Currently all our twinning partners are making their connections online, with digital exchanges. As soon as they can, they will be moving to the action phase of the project! At this difficult time in the world, communicating, sharing knowledge and enjoying hockey together (even online) has never been more important. I would like to wish all the twinning partners well in their projects and thank the KNHB for their partnership on this.”

*P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins

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