Posted On 29/04/2020

Coen van Bunge & Bernardo Fernandes
What is like to umpire the Olympic Finals? How and why does the coach and umpire relationship matter? Join the conversation and engage with two of hockey’s personalities as they talk through the rules, roles and responsibilities of coaches and officials

Coen van Bunge from the Netherlands has umpired at the top level of world hockey across International competitions at the 2016 Olympics, 2015 and 2019 European Championships and 2014, 16, & 18 Championship Trophies and top club competitions including the EuroHockey League (EHL) and the Hoofdklasse (Dutch Premier League). 

Bernardo Fernandes from Portugal has coached top-level club hockey across Belgium, Netherlands and currently in Germany. Bernardo was recently appointed the Head Coach of the Portuguese National team and Bernardo also founded the company Self-Pass a social hit globally across all platforms.

Coen and Bernardo are both recognised FIH and EHF Educators supporting the most up and coming coaches and umpires across the world.

Throughout their careers in hockey both Coen and Bernardo are known for their wide reaching views on the development of the game. Both agree that officials and coaches can oversee a significant transformation via respecting and understanding the roles and responsibilities and pressure this brings both on and off the field of play.

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