#FridayFocus EHF Coaches Committee meeting 1st July 2020

Posted On 10/07/2020

Even though we are only restarting hockey around Europe, our many Committees are working hard on our many areas of work.

On 1st July our Coaches Committee made up Chair: Inez Cooper (IRL), Lead: Michel Kinnen (BEL), Herman Kruis (ENG), Norbert Nederlof (NED), Aristi Chatzimichail (GER), Cesar Hernandez (ESP), Jamilon Mülders (GER), Demi Dowley (ENG), Cedric D’Zousa (AUT) and Tom Pedersen Smith (EHF) of met via webinar.

A short synopsis of the meeting is as follows:

The meeting started with a greeting from Inez Cooper (Chair) and a short exchange about the current (personal) situation with COVID 19 in each country

A warm welcome was extended to for Demy Dowley to her first-time participation and a quick introductory round of all participants.

Speaking about her first meeting Demy said ” It is my pleasure to be part of the group and feel connected to the purpose of moving forward. I have a strong feeling is that the uniqueness of the committee is the spread of Nationalities, all connected to making our sport better. ” In her opinion “The female situation is complicated and it is the perception of what traditionally makes a ‘coach’ that is often the limiter-can we champion what good coaching looks like? I am hoping that we can challenge this by asking the questions: Can we look at the issue of recruitment and retention that is more attractive and relevant to women? Women enjoy being as good as they can be within their club rather than seeing it as a stepping stone up the ladder. How can we challenge them on this?”

  • Congratulations (again) on Hermann for the new role at football club Willem II … Hermann, our knight from Oranje
  • Discussion about the next development steps of the EHF Coaching Committee and the outcome of the survey from Tom Pedersen Smith
  • How do we find further and new female trainers and mentors for the EHF Coaching Programmes?
    • The Committee agreed that they would consider this and bring names to Tom over the coming weeks.
    • The focus should be on our Clubs
    • Making sure that women/girls get an opportunity to start coaching there in each age group 
    • A good discussion led by Tom and Michel on the topic took place with everyone getting involved.

In summary, in spite of not being able to meet physically the exchange is perfect and targeted and the Committee can function well with planning whilst physical meetings are not possible.

Thanks to Jami Mülders for taking time to summarise for us!

Photo: Demy Dowley talking ACP attacking principles workshop (GB Hockey)

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