Affordable content distribution technology will be available soon

Posted On 07/04/2021

VLAIO grant enables Belgian partnership helping hockey clubs and competitions to live-stream and market footage

Live-streaming and marketing footage from club hockey games will soon become a reality for all clubs, federations and leagues in Europe.

The European Hockey Federation in conjunction with our partners Recreational Systems Europe, (a subsidiary of our partner RSI SPORTS,) and Scorrd, launched EHTV+, the digital content platform to market and stream all captured games. A global Ecosystem-based on content and features for all stakeholders of hockey!

Thanks to an innovation grant by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), we can now fast-track the software development to unlock the potential of the technology and make it available to all clubs, federations and leagues.

Users will be able to edit and enhance the captured content by adding data, overlays or commercial messages as they please whilst live-streaming it over multiple dedicated platforms. The content mix can gradually be established by each user individually.

The technology uses high-quality automatic cameras and an artificial intelligence driven software. It can be set to do all activities automatically, including determine the camera sequence and setting to capture important game moments like penalty corners. The data from this technology will be used to build various features to bring more content and tools for the users.

“The grant allows us to scale our solution for any club, federation or league. This will put them in the position to take ownership of their content before streaming the selected or enhanced clips on their own dedicated platforms simultaneously,” explains Bart van den Acker of RSI SPORTS.

As the content captured is the property of the club or competition, it can add more value to their sponsorship deals. The use of the technology also opens the door to local, small or medium-sized businesses to get involved in the club or league.

“We are delighted that thanks to the affordability of this live-streaming technology, users will soon be able to take a giant leap towards  increasing their exposure and generating more revenue,” says EHF Director-General, Angus Kirkland.

As we don’t want to be dependent on the local connectivity of each club, the integration of 5G technology and having the ecosystem fully wireless is part of our latest developments.

Sven Böhne of Scorrd points out that the grant helps clubs to capture the missing link. “We are in the game of improving hockey by delivering the tools to generate and market exposure. This grant makes it possible to offer a world-class product and service at a price that is affordable to virtually every club, federation or league.”

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